In the south and east of Poland declared flood threat


27.07.11.V Poland as a result of intense rainfall threatened flood were the southern and eastern province of the country.
Prevent a sharp rise in water levels in local rivers published Wednesday Institute of Meteorology and Water Management of the country.

After a powerful storm with winds and heavy rains severely damaged city Sandomierz. According to local rescuers, on the right bank of the Vistula flooded yards and basements. Firefighters are trying to pump out the water, but the reclamation ditches overflowing.

"We received over a hundred calls from residents. Water threatens industrial facilities, in particular, in a glass factory and a shopping center on the left bank of the city, "- said the rescue service.

Several other cities in the region after local flooding areas endangered began to strengthen with sandbags to clear drains and sewer infrastructure. In the capital, continued for several hours rains have caused flooding of roads and highways, according to ITAR-TASS.

Forecasters warned that the storm with rainfall over the country will continue in the coming hours.


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