In the U.S., developing new composite armor

In the U.S., developing new composite armor
 On the battlefield, the threat posed by enemy troops Requests effective armor protection, especially for attack helicopters, writes ASDNews October 2.

Attack helicopter AH-1 Cobra was developed for frisky of approach in the area of ​​battle, kill the target and fly on to the subsequent target. But now the helicopter AH-64 Apache accompanies combat formations of troops and often hangs over convoys to detect and engage targets. This is even more increases the risk of fire impact enemy that requests increase ballistic protection. Engineering Center of the U.S. Army is working on this problem and reached the certain success.

Usually the development of ballistic protection systems (BPS — Ballistic Protection Systems) was solved by booking aircraft thick and heaviest armor of steel, which significantly weigh down their design. Now replaced by a strong steel and light armor from composite materials.

The center has experience installing classic metal armor on land vehicles, including MLRS HIMARS. Although iron armor is very effective ballistic protection, very languid armored capsule MLRS cab weighs in at 2500 pounds (1125 kg). Creating composite armor possible to reduce the weight of ballistic protection.

Center engineers developed efficient composite armor for Iraqi Bell 407 helicopters. This work was especially difficult because the construction of light commercial helicopter did not have sufficient capacity to accommodate armor. Floor protection has been strengthened in the cockpit and cabin. Lightweight ballistic armor developed and installed on transport helicopter CH-47 Chinook and UH-60 Black Hawk.

Available «Chinook» has an iron ballistic protection against small guns weight of 3,500 pounds (1585 kg). The Centre has developed a composite armor, which reduced its weight to 2,000 pounds (900 kg), in addition, was made extra protection cabin and cargo compartment. Composite armor «Black Hawk» downsized armor at 500 pounds (227 kg).

«The Centre continues to design, develop and install new sets of ballistic protection for aircraft and ground vehicles. Properties of advanced composite materials provide substandard ability to increase their security, «says managing director of the Center for Jeff Carr (Jeff Carr).

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