In the U.S., the robot porter make quiet and armored

In the U.S., the robot porter make quiet and armored
Manage promising research projects (DARPA) Pentagon concluded with the U.S. company Boston Dynamics additional contract for revision quadruped robot porter LS3 (Legged Squad Support System), also known as BigDog.
As reported IEEE Spectrum, a modified version of the bot should be more quiet, reliable and resistant to small-caliber shots from guns.
LS3 development in the interests of the Pentagon conducted since 2006. New bot will have to serve as pack mule for the military, carrying loads up to a total weight of 180 kg at a distance of 32 km.

During the development engineers Boston Dynamics LS3 trained to respond to commands voice skyrocket after the fall and navigate complex terrain criteria.
In addition, except to follow the designated route in advance bot can navigate and to «master», following close behind him.
Focus on driving, avoid obstacles and adjust the route LS3 can thanks to the integrated set of video and audiosensorov.
Besides carrying detectors LS3 can also provide electricity for recharging military portable devices.

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