In the village of Berezovka hunters stumbled upon the land subsidence. Photo

Karst holes

Photo Raul emphasis

26.09.12.Vsego two kilometers from the village of Berezovka Burlin district hunters found two holes of unknown origin. Holes with a hole diameter of about three meters and a depth of about five, inside are pear-shaped.

— It is still small — told local residents, pointing to one of the pits. — If you drive another thirty kilometers there is a failure with a bore diameter of about 12 meters, two trucks will fit.

According to the villagers, in Berezovka family lives, with one of the walls of the house fell into one of these holes.

— Once started developing the Karachaganak field, near the village began to appear sunk, — said residents Berezovka. — However, the authorities refuse to do something to all complaints and come only replies.

Recall that in 2002 the village of Berezovka hit the five-kilometer sanitary protection zone of the Karachaganak field. According to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the villagers have been relocated to a safe place. But in 2003, the authorities said that KPO (consortium developer deposits) introduces new environmental technologies and adopted three-kilometer protection zone. After the start of development of the field in the village began to fall Berezovka land. Until now, the villagers can not get relocation.



Photo Raul emphasis

В ЗКО, в поселке Березовка, охотники наткнулись на провалы в земле (ФОТО)

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