In Transcarpathia boulder weighing almost 8 tons fell on the road


17.08.11.Glyba weighs nearly 8 tons fell near the village Kolchino Mukachevo district in the middle of the Kyiv-Chop. Fortunately, no one was hurt …

Heavy rains resulted in Transcarpathia also to increased landslides on both sides of the carriageway roads. Roadway in front began to collapse, and therefore, there were dozens of dangerous areas.

In general, two-thirds of the Carpathian roads are in mountainous terrain. On one side of the road looms mountain, which slides in the rain, on the other — the river washes away.

In the Transcarpathian Avtodor looking for a way to prevent landslides along the road. However, to eliminate them take years and hundreds of millions of hryvnia. How to deal with rockfalls — already decided.

Geologists have studied dangerous areas and advised to immediately eliminate rocky ledge overhanging the carriageway. In September blocks will explode. The following year, the road will protect against rock falls special grid.


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