In Udmurtia, mass death of pigs


12.01.11. January 7 this year in one of the buildings of pig LLC "Pychassky pig 'n Pychas. Mozhginsky District Udmurt Republic there was mass death of pigs. As the press-service of Rosselkhoznadzor for SD only fell 136 pigs.

January 8 at the scene left a commission of experts Rosselkhoznadzor for SD, SD and BS Department of Agriculture SD. Found that the most likely cause of death of animals is chemical poisoning. To accurately determine the cause of mass death of pigs specialists samples were pathological material, blood, etc., aimed at Udmurt veterinary diagnostic center. The laboratory will be identified by chemical conducted other studies needed to pinpoint the reasons for the death of the pigs.

As of January 8 mass death ceased, animal waste within the technological standards. Commission presented documents confirming the fulfillment of the plan of vaccination of animals against plague and leptospirosis and other diseases are the supporting documents confirming the veterinary import food from regions free from infectious diseases, including the ASF.


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