In Western Siberia looking for UFOs




Kemerovo enthusiasts are going in the New Year weekend to go into the forest in search of traces allegedly landed at the junction Salair Ridge Kuznetsk Basin with an unidentified flying object, ITAR-TASS reported. As reported by the regional administration, December 26 about 8:00 am residents Belovskii district and the city Gurjevsk saw clear skies rapidly falling ball of fire and a huge glow. The flight lasted half an hour, after which the ball quietly disappeared into the wilds of the taiga. As they say eyewitnesses, space alien landing was successful, because emergency services were received signals about the devastation of forest fires or rubble.

Experts of the Regional Department of Defense and Emergency reacted to the observations of fellow seriously. To place a possible mooring UFO was specifically directed the helicopter, but the first attempt traces of aliens could not be found.
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