In Yekaterinburg, the coming season foul-smelling water


20.12.11.Ekaterinburzhtsy as winter began to complain about a bad smell coming from the hot water — communal explained that the reason lies in the outdated water supply scheme. But no desire to change it is not on, it will require additional costs.
Traditionally, in the winter of Yekaterinburg, in particular, the residents of the Upper Iset, South-Western Railway, and areas of the city are beginning to complain about the sharp odor of hot water from the tap — most citizens identify it as the smell of hydrogen sulfide.

The problem is actively discussed on the website of the Ural capital. "I have to Cherepanov, 36 some feces smell hot water to wash the dishes, even impossible," — says a resident of the house. "It stinks to Gurzufskaya or bathe or brush your teeth," — said user if. "What you can really do? Where to call? Running cold water from the hot tap and it stinks "- writes cenia.
Note that neither the dispatching service MUP "Ekaterinburgenergo" which is engaged in providing hot water or in the dispatching service "TGC-9", which addresses issues of water treatment, and could not explain the reason for bad breath. And in one of the managers of the companies proposed request, but was advised not to wait for a solution.

"I also have the same problem — the water smells horrible — told the dispatcher. — I'm in my MC explained that it could not decide whether the old pipe, so the water in the air ".
How to tell "New Region" in Sverdlovsk Rospotrebnadzor, complaints of this nature come to the department permanently. "Changing the organoleptic properties of water — the smell, the taste — is associated with the chemical processes of ice formation in water, of which is water extraction", — explained in the sanitary department.
There also noted that residents in homes where hot water was unpleasant smell, is to write appeal to the Federal Service professionals to test the water for compliance with Sanitary. "We consider the complaint and conduct a test in agreement with the prosecution: the specialists come from an accredited lab, take samples," — told the agency.

Source: UralWeb

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