Increased solar activity in 2013 will not, said the scientist

April 9, 2013. Scientists do not expect an increase in solar activity in the current year, the Group continues to decline, according to RIA Novosti, Laboratory of X-ray astronomy of the Sun Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI) Sergei richer.

Solar activity, instead of the expected output at its maximum, ceased to grow with 2011 year. NASA's earlier suggested that perhaps instead of one peak maximum in 2012 will actually be "two-headed" with vertices 2011 and 2013 year.

"Now it (theactivity Sun) falls. Nothing in the current year (in terms of increase in activity) does not expect ", — said the wealthy.

He noted that at the moment nothing is said about the fact that the assumption of American scientists will be justified, and, in his opinion, to the end of the year the situation will not change.

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In 2012 year solar activity has dropped below the level of 2011. The level of activity lights in the 2012 was four times lower than the maximum values recorded during the 260 years of continuous observation, and was only a few percent higher than at the time of the last failure of solar activity — Dalton minimum in the years 1790-1830.

Source: RIA Novosti

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