India refuses fighter of the 5th generation

India refuses fighter of the 5th generation
Indian Ministry of Defence has stopped work on the project promising fighter fifth generation AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft), reports The Sunday Standard.
Creation of an aircraft engaged in aerospace development agency (ADA) of the defense research and development (DRDO) of India. According to the order of the Indian Defense Ministry, DRDO need to use all the forces on the project fighter Tejas, the development of which is extremely long.

India is developing Tejas fighter since 1983. Original embattled aircraft was scheduled for late 2010, but then moved the date of the beginning of 2011, and later — mid-2013. New aircraft planned to change all the obsolete MiG-21. Air India ordered 40 aircraft Tejas first of which was handed over to the military for testing in January 2011.

It is possible that due to the significantly behind schedule, Tejas fighter will not be adopted for India and the summer of 2013. Specifically to accelerate the project, the Ministry of Defence of India and decided to stop the project AMCA, using all forces engaged in it at the end of the development of Tejas.

Development fighter AMCA India conducted without the help of others since 2006. According to the plan of the Indian Defense Ministry, the Air Force will occupy a niche between AMCA light Tejas fighters and languid FGFA (created together with Russia on the basis of the T-50 PAK FA) and the Su-30MKI. Earlier it was planned that flight tests will begin in late AMCA today decade and adopt new aircraft will arrive in 2025.

According to preliminary data, the weight of 20 tons of AMCA and combat radius — about a thousand miles. Fighter will be able to reach speeds of up to 2-thousand kilometers per hour. The design of the aircraft will be used extensively stealth technology. AMCA receive radar with active phased array antenna and a new infrared search and tracking systems, electronic warfare equipment and warning system for missile launches.

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