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Archaeologists have discovered a giant new ancient temple complex in southern India where ancient people with stones published musical sounds in the performance of rituals. The complex Kupgal Hill stones were found with unusual depressions that have been made in order to extract the loud clanking noises. The monument was lost after it first opened in 1892, so this is actually the first attempt of its research.

The ditch in Kupgal Hill contains hundreds, perhaps even thousands of petroglyphs etched in stone, most of which relates to the Neolithic. Researchers believe that the young men or shamans once came to this place to perform rituals and the "penetration" of the power of this place. Cobblestones with small grooves, the grooves locals call the music rocks. If it hit the small pieces of granite, they emit low gongopodobnye sounds. These stones could play an important role in the formal rituals of people who came here.

In many cultures in rituals relating to communication with the higher powers, a major role is played various percussion. Researcher kupgalskih stones Nicole Boyvin of Cambridge University believes that musical gems performed a similar role.

Many stones are decorated with drawings (mostly images of cattle). However, there are human-like figures — either by themselves or near livestock. Some of them are displayed in chains, others — holding the bow and arrow.

Typically male nature gave Boyvin images suggest that these images were made men allegedly involved in the kidnapping or grazing cattle. The motives were carved in stone, apparently a stone tool.

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