India will not get from the «dry» all information on the T-50

India will not get from the
April 11 Russian Company «Sukhoi» said design work on the creation of a joint Russian-Indian fighter fifth generation FGFA completed and both parties will soon sign a full-scale treaty, writes April 12.
It is reported that FGFA is developed based on the Russian T-50 layout. In 2010, the «dry» and the Indian aircraft manufacturer HAL signed a contract to design FGFA in the amount of 285 million U.S. dollars, the total project budget of $ 11 billion in the first step of design work «Dry» has pledged to train Indian professionals and provide seed data on the aircraft. Since January 2012 in Russia working group of Indian professionals and specialists responsible for the exchange of information.
According to the requirements of the Indian Air Force, their FGFA will differ from the Russian T-50, will be developed in single and double versions. Double option will be used as a combat training machine and to perform «special tasks», although avionics both versions of the aircraft is not significantly different. Creation of the first prototype is scheduled for 2015-2016 FGFA years, Russian T-50 will be launched in mass production in 2015.
According to recent data, the length of FGFA will be about 22.6 m, height 5.9 m, the highest take-off weight of 34 metric tons, flight range of 3880 km, the highest rate of 2M. On the plane will be lined with two turbofans with thrust vector control (maximum angle difference of 15 degrees) that will allow the fighter to fly at supersonic cruising and doing vigorous maneuvers, even at supersonic speeds. Mass of payload in the inner compartments of 2.25 tons, 5.75 tons of external sites Fighter is under development, some features may change.
FGFA is designed not only for India, and for the international market. Some experts believe that despite the fact that Indian companies involved in the project, namely, to develop avionics, some major technologies from India «Dry» does not get it.

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