Indonesia: Livni flooded the presidential palace

January 17, 2013. From December to March, in Indonesia it is better not to go? the wet season. But if there was a need, then you can go light, taking only beachwear. Umbrella is better to leave? still does not help.

On the island of Java rains are not as strong as in Sulawesi, but still sufficient to vymoknut from head to toe.

Livni, who charged the now, even the country's president called anomalous. It can be understood? the presidential palace in Jakarta was flooded, level Water smokers reach 30 cm

If it is customary in the Indonesian capital, the January total precipitation has 300 mm of rain, then these rainy days just in the last day fell to 180 mm.

Traffic in the city is almost paralyzed, wrote "Jakarta Post". According to preliminary reports, the victims of disaster are four.

"This is not a problem? Once on the street says the president? our main concern must be residents of the city. You just have to do whatever is necessary to mitigate the effects of floods, "- said on this occasion, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

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Flood in Jakarta

January 18, 2013. After several days of downpours intensified in the capital city of Indonesia was flood. During the disaster killed two people, about 9,000 residents were forced to evacuate from Jakarta or shelter from high water in mosques, hospitals and other buildings located on the hill.

To assist the victims within the city hosted 16 special posts and 12 shelters. Due to the flooding many people could not get to work or school because a lot of the streets turned into rivers in some places level outside water has reached the height of human shoulders and above. Completely flooded the central business district of Jakarta, which have now closed all offices and businesses. Another 50 sub-districts of the capital have a high degree of flooding. According to the city declared a state of emergency.

Floods in Jakarta happen quite often since city located below sea level and has a very imperfect drainage system. The modern administration has plans to lay through the output channel for receiving rainwater like the one that is in the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. So far, predictions for Jakarta remain the same — heavy rains over the next week. If the force of showers and really did not subside, the water level in the water gate of the city will exceed 9 meters, will suffer a few thousand residents of Jakarta.



Governor Jakarta introduced a state of emergency due to flooding

January 18, 2013. The governor of Indonesia's capital Jakarta imposed a state of emergency, after much of the city was flooded due to heavy monsoon rains. In some parts of the city the water level reaches two meters. According to some, killing at least four people. Thousands of man left their homes to wait out the disaster in security. In Jakarta, flooded shops and government buildings, including the presidential palace.

In the monsoon season in city always comes to water, but the current situation can be called the worst in recent years, reports BBC BBC.

Source: RBC

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