Indonesia will cope with floods through cloud seeding


March 6, 2013. Usually such as Modification Technology "seeding cloud "is used to increase the amount of rainfall in a particular area where there was no rain for a long time. However, in Indonesia, is often affected by floods and landslides during the rains, we decided to use a geoengineering approach, on the contrary, to deal with excess rainfall.

Meaning of technology of cloud seeding is that in the very rainy cloud launching a special substance that can be condensation nuclei, altering the microphysical processes within the cloud. Usually people use substances that trigger prolapse precipitation, but in practice, the world's airports, there are cases when the clouds "seeded" agents that inhibit prolapse hail or the appearance of fog. The most common ingredients for cloud seeding are silver iodide and dry ice.

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In Indonesia, going to send dangerous cyclones, aims to fill the island with water, deep into the ocean away from the shore. The first tests were carried out at the end of January 2013 years and have been quite successful. In the future, the vast majority of Indonesians are planning to threaten the security of Jakarta clouds still in the open ocean. It would draw on military aircraft that will deliver the required amount of sea salt and drop it on cloud, then gave up the salt to all the moisture before reaching the capital.


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