Industrial production in Russia for 6 months 2012. increased by 3.1%


The volume of industrial production in Russia in June 2012. compared with June of last year rose by 1.9%, while in the I half of 2012. compared with January-June 2011. — By 3.1%. At the same time, compared with May 2012. the volume of industrial production in Russia fell by 0.6%, according to the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat). 

Earlier, the Ministry of Economic Development has downgraded the outlook for growth in industrial production in 2012. up to 3.1% against the previous forecast of 3.6%.

We also recall that in May 2012. compared to April 2012. Industrial output rose by 3.2%, while compared to May 2011. — By 3.7%.

The industrial production index is calculated by activity ("mining and quarrying", "Manufacturing", "Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water") on the basis of data on the dynamics of production of major products to be (in physical and value terms).

One of the best of the results showed in the I half of 2012. Russian car industry. Thus, the production of passenger cars in the I half of 2012. in Russia has increased over the same period in 2011. by 22,2% — up to 954 thousand units. Production of trucks (including chassis) for the same period increased by 4.1% (to 97.9 thousand units) and bus production — by 51.3% (to 25.2 thousand units). Production trolley fell by 19.2%, and the result for January-June 2012. in Russia was released only 80 trolleybuses.

Recall that at a recent forum in Yekaterinburg "Innoprom 2012", Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the priority for the development of the Russian economy creation of at least 25 million jobs, primarily in non-oil sectors of the economy while increasing productivity by 1.5 -2 times.

"To solve both of these problems can be systemically working and developing key sectors of the Russian economy, such as aircraft construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, and many others, not only upgrading the existing ones, but also creating a fundamentally new competitive production," — said the Prime Minister .

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