Industry Barnaul (PHOTOS)

Author of the report — Slava Stepanov (LJ Gelio)

The major share of the economy has Barnaul industry. Today, the capital of the Altai region is located more than one hundred large enterprises, which employ about one hundred thousand people. The most active pace developed the production of building materials, engineering, energy, metalworking, food, chemical, light industry and oil refining. The city produces diesel engines, steam boilers and power of high power, forging machines, drilling machines, chemical fiber, tires, furniture, cotton and silk fabrics, knitwear and garments, shoes and many other products. Goods manufactured in Barnaul, available to all CIS countries, are exported to 50 countries.


Of Software "Altai Tyre Plant"
One of the biggest enterprises not only to the region but also the country's tire industry.

To date, Altai Tyre Plant ranks second in the country in terms of production of agricultural tires and third place in the production of tires for trucks

The company covers an area of 55 hectares (including 40 hectares are industrial buildings).

The plant produces more than 60 models of tires for cars and agricultural equipment and 31 aircraft tire size.

Since 2006, the tires are manufactured under the brand name «Forward».

Among the buyers of businesses big oil companies, "Russian Railways" and the Russian military structures

In 2006, the plant produced 1.2 million tires, or about 4% of Russian production.

The enterprise employs more than 3 million people

JSC "Sibenergomash" (Barnaul Boiler Plant)
The company produces boilers, industrial fans, exhaust fans and heat exchangers, and a number of positions has a leading position and takes up 50% of the market in Russia and CIS

The plant was founded in 1942 as a result of the evacuation of Leningrad Nevsky Machine-Building Plant named after VI Lenin

Production facilities "Sibenergomash" capable of producing 30-40 boilers, 1300-1600 draft machines.

The plant has a laboratory for aerodynamic, acoustic, and strength tests of field vehicles and their models.

By volume of sales factory occupies 62th place among countries in the ranking of the AK &M.

Mark Concert Hall are nearly 25% and 28% of steam boilers in power plants that were part of RAO "UES of Russia".

On the boiler units with a brand BKZ produces about 25% of electricity and 40% of the thermal energy produced by thermal power plants and district boiler houses of the CIS countries.

Supplies its products, in addition to Russia and the CIS countries, covering about 40 countries of the world: Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central and South-East Asia.

Barnaul Car Repair Plant
It was founded in 1917 and is considered one of the oldest companies of the Altai Territory

Today, the plant is one of the largest companies in the Russian car-repair industry, which allows the equipment to produce and repair freight rolling stock



Installing the car at the wheel sets

Painting workshop wagons

Holding Company "Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant".
Was evacuated to the territory of the city during World War II. According to some estimates, about half of cartridges used by the Soviet Army during World War II, was produced in Barnaul Machine-Tool Plant.

Today, the plant specializes in the production of live ammunition, sporting and hunting ammunition for rifles, sport pistol cartridges, shotguns and hunting bullet cartridges for shotguns, including for export.

There is also manufactured industrial chain and electric hoists, household electric pumps.

Altai plant precision products (AZPI)
The only company in Eastern and Western Siberia, producing jets and sprays. AZPI offers a wide range of products on almost all of the domestic automobile and tractor engines.

"Plant power presses"
One of the largest Russian manufacturers of metal-forming equipment.

He has more than half a century of experience in manufacturing and designing of mechanical presses, as well as automated systems and lines on the basis of their

Existing technologies allow to produce cast iron castings such as: frame, flywheel housings, glasses, plates, brake drums, hatches. The plant also produces agricultural equipment and accessories for her.

Smithy is equipped with a fleet of forging hammer with the mass of the falling parts from 250 to 3000 kg.
For the production of billets was a gas heating furnace that allows heat the workpiece to 1300 ° C. The maximum weight of 400 kg of used harvesting.

"Barnaul plant rubber products"

Group of companies "TONAR" — a company specialized in the production of goods for fishing, hunting and hiking, and since 2010 has also been successfully implementing innovative projects in the field of agricultural engineering.

It produces more than 30 kinds of products for hunting, fishing, hiking: ice screws fishing, hunting traps, boats of PVC fabric, boat anchor, oars, folding chairs, barbecues, smokehouse, weapon cabinets and more.

Manufacturing inflatable rowing boat

Ltd. "Altaytara"

It was founded in 2005 and today is a high-tech enterprise for the production of corrugated board packaging.

Market share in the Altai region "Altaytara" estimates of 50%, in the Siberian region figure is closer to 30%.

The main idea of the enterprise — production in the same area all types of packaging: from large boxes to candy wrappers.

Now the company employs about 180 people.

The company's products consistently in high demand in the regions of Western Siberia and neighboring countries

"The Matrix" for packing coolers "Biryusa."

Ltd. "Martika"

The company produces about 400 types of products domestic use of plastic.

Among the top five producers of plastic products in Russia

JSC "Barnaul brewery"
The company, known as the regional and federal levels, and its products are available in Siberia, the Urals and Central region.

The plant produces 25 kinds of products, bottled still and sparkling water and lemonade.
The company's products pre
sented in Siberia, the Urals and Central Region

Barnaul's brewery produces 25 brands of beer: a series of "nap", "Barnaul", "Zhigulevskoye", "Halt", "Medea", "Golden Land», «Golfschteiner», «Feierbeer»,

The company's share in the Altai region is 55-60% of total beer consumption in the Siberian market, the figure is about 10%.

The number of company employees exceeds 1,000 people

Also, the factory has a production line of mineral water.

Ltd. "Altaikholod"
Leading food industry Barnaul, the parent company of the concern "Russian cold"
which produces more than 150 varieties of ice cream

Ice Cream Factory "Altaikholod" is equipped with production lines from Denmark and Italy.

The equipment allows to produce up to 1,200 tons per month of all kinds of ice cream.

The initial components for ice cream are natural, eco-friendly high quality ingredients: whole milk powder, whole milk, sweetened condensed milk, butter, natural stabilizers, nuts, fruit and berry jams.

The Company has the right to export their products to the EU, as is the owner of Eurorooms number 1, and the products of the company is implemented in all the major cities of Russia.

JSC "Barnaul Milk Factory" — the largest producer of dairy products in the city

The company produces more than 80% of the daily volume of milk and milk products Barnaul.

To date, the product range of more than 130 titles annually and mastered to 4-5 new products

Of "Modest" — a leading company in the Altai region, producing dairy products for infant feeding.

Today the range of products for infants is about 12 names.

Production of cottage cheese

Barnaul HPP-3
The station operates on lignite. The electrical capacity of CHP-3 is 430.0 MW, thermal power — 1462 Gcal / h

Barnaul HPP-2
Electrical power is 335.0 MW, thermal power — 1274 Gcal / h

Supplying electric energy and heat, mainly the central part of the city.

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