Industry in the Urals is gaining momentum

On the eve of March 21, the government of the Kurgan Region held an extended meeting of the board of the Department of Industry, Transport and Communications.

The meeting was attended by business leaders in the region, the head of the Trans-Urals and his deputies, the meeting discussed:

  • the results of the industrial complex of Kurgan region in 2012,
  • objectives for 2013.  

On the results of 2012 the director of the department of industry, transport, communications and energy Basil Zharov. In the Kurgan region were produced and shipped goods and rendered services worth 85.9 billion rubles., Representing 106.3% of the level in 2011, or 101.5% of the plan. The industrial production index is 102.1%. "The highest rates of industrial production achieved in the engineering sector, the industrial production index is up 105.1%. Best performance at the" Kurgan. "Industrial production index was 113%, including special products -109.7% on civil-166.7% . " In addition, the Kurgan topped the list of companies, which in 2012 released the results of production in excess of one billion rubles — "Kurgan", "Kurganstalmost", "Synthesis", "SHAAZ", "Corvette", "Tehnokeramika", "Kurgankhimmash" "ZKLZ" "KAVZ" "Dalur". "The development and modernization of industrial production in 2012 was sent to 17.8 billion rubles., Accounting for 70% of investments in the economy of the Kurgan region", — said Vasily Zharov, talking about the new industries. In the Urals last year there were four new plants:

  • "Varel NTS" — a company specializing in the manufacture of drill bits;
  • "SHZMK" — plant otsinkovyh metal;
  • "Bentonite" — the production of bentonite geosynthetic materials;
  • "Plant-ferrous castings" — a factory for the production of furniture accessories.

The average monthly salary of employees in the industry as a whole grew by 115.2% to 18.5 thousand rubles. In 2012, the number of workers decreased by 3.3%. Today, this sector employs 58 million people. Tasks year for the industrialists at the meeting outlined the Governor Oleg Bogomolov:

  • positive trend should continue in 2013 to produce goods for 97.5 billion rubles.,
  • the index of industrial production should reach 106.5%
  • should be given to plant managers to create new jobs.
  • increase productivity,
  • enhance innovative activity,
  • accelerate the implementation of import-substituting products to improve their competitiveness,
  • increase the growth of average wages: in 2013 is expected to increase in the industrial sector by 15%
  • allow the reception of digital television 98% of the population 9-free nationwide channels.

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