Infant’s body was found in a container in Serpukhov


23.11.11.Bezdyhannogo newborn boy found in a dumpster in the yard of an apartment building on a street in Moscow, the city.

Body of the child, not to live for a couple of days and discovered one of the inhabitants of Serpukhov, when he came to the garbage tank.

— The boy had the misfortune — share details of the police. — Three hours before the child can still be saved from death, whether the weather a little warmer …

MVD "Serpukhov" already looking for heartless mother, get rid of the baby in such a cruel way.

— In place went canine — reported to the police. — Specially trained dog tried to take the next person throw the baby in the trash.

— Who appointed forensic investigation — commented spokesman GUS RF IC for Moscow Region Irina Gumennaya. — Examination of the scene of any external signs of violent death on the body was found.

Svetlana Kolesnikova

Source: Life News Online


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