Innovators of CTRP saved more than 400 million rubles

The company CHEP has summed up innovative activities for the year 2012. More than 1,500 ideas (90% of the proposed) is embedded in the workshops of the "white metal" Chelyabinsk Tube and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant. The total economic impact of more than 400 million rubles.

All ideas are aimed at reducing costs, improving product quality, increase productivity, safety, increase the service life of the equipment. Among the most significant innovations — creating a new tuning algorithm muftonareznyh machines in finishing center with which to specific properties of each coupling blanks selected its cutting mode, which gives a good percentage in improving the quality of products. Plant efficiency suggestion winners of "Best Young Innovator" — leading engineer for welding Alexander Kopylov and lead engineer service of industrial automation Dennis Savchenko — to reduce the length of sealing bars will save "Height 239" 27.8 million a year. Keep up with new, innovative workshops and acting for decades — a tube-rolling shop of replacement material for the mill TPU "30-102" brings economic benefit of more than 9 million rubles a year.

System of continuous improvement philosophy laid the foundation of the "white metal". In the process of constant change and improvement involves all staff — from the worker to the superintendent. Every employee is committed to ensuring that your workplace, plot, shop more modern working environment — comfortable, production — better.

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