Exactly 25 years ago on the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation adopted a languid liquid ICBM R-36M2 «Governor» (pictured index terminology contract START RS-20V, NATO code SS-18 mod. 5/mod 6 — approx. «VP») , reports now The Voice of Russia. Able to overcome all this missile defense system has become one of the legends in the cool times of war.
Past Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces head Colonel-General Viktor Esin told The Voice of Russia, that South American programm SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative, more popular as the programm «Star Wars») was a bluff, but was completely real answer: «The decision to develop a strategic missile system «Governor» was made at a time when U.S. President Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan) announced the launch of SDI. This program is put in front of a goal the creation of a large-scale missile defense system capable of killing Russian rocket in space. «Governor» was the heavy missile with a large payload, which could overcome any missile defense system. «
The main advantage of the «Governors» was her capacity (zabrasyvemy weight), almost 9 tons, which is twice more than the same parameter was the strongest American MX ICBM. In addition, the rocket body was strengthened to reduce the impact of the shock wave.
Yet, «Governor» had drawback — based stationary type. Currently, this factor reduces the combat survivability of the complex. According to the director of the Center of social and political research Vladimir Yevseyev gun deterrence necessarily required to have such destructive power. «The period when needed languid rocket ended. At this point it is necessary to develop new missiles with the lowest weight and, as follows, the fewest number of warheads that a hundred percent would correspond to the brand new approach to reduce nuclear weapons. «
As the expiration of service life remaining as part of the Strategic Missile Force ICBM «Voivod» continue to act with weapons, the Russian Federation has no ability to fill their park. Yet, in general Our homeland is not renounces languid ICBMs. By Evseeva views, in the near future, «Governor» will be replaced by a new missile system «Sarmat».
«VP». According to some reports, the missile (R & D work under the title «Sarmat») developed in SRC them. Makeev (Miass) with the participation of NGOs Engineering (Reutov), ​​project rocket mass 100 t, throw-weight of 4.3 tons, firing range of 10 thousand km.

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