Is it possible to lose weight locally?

Life is not always fair. And wanting to lose weight knows it like no other. Efforts are losing weight, but in the end, instead of elegant and seductive figures get something unintelligible. Breasts are "blown away" and hated belly still remained. Or, on the contrary, has left the already impoverished waist, thus underlining the abundance of your hips. Is there a way to control the process of losing weight and manage it? To clarify the situation, we have asked the doctor of medical sciences, the author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician acupuncturist Mariyat Muhinau.

— Mariyat where such injustice? Why in the process of losing weight the body changes as "unprofitable"?

— I think I'll start with the basics. You've heard that there are 4 types of shapes. V-shaped figure — broad shoulders, narrow hips. This type of figure is called a male, although women often it occurs. Many supermodels have precisely this type of figure. The next type of shape — A. In such a figure, on the contrary, narrow shoulders and curvy hips. The third type of shape — N. Main feature of the figure — the lack of a waist. And the last type, which is rightly considered the most feminine, called the "hourglass". Owners of such figures have large breasts and hips in an incredibly thin waist. So that each of the 4 types get better and lose weight in a specific order. The first always get better "problem areas", and each type they own. As you can guess from the A-type women first heard hip, with representatives of the type V deformed upper part of the body — the face, chest, waist and then sag. A N-type appears stomach, and "hourglass" the envy of many recover fairly evenly, keeping the aspect ratio. The same thing happens when you lose weight, but in reverse order. Problem areas will give up last, and the need to have patience to figure again started to look harmonious.

— It sounds like a death sentence. There is nothing you can do about it?

— Globally — no, you can not change your figure type to another. But you can adjust the maximum drawbacks to this, there are many ways. The most basic of these, no matter how boring it may sound, these are special procedures that increase lipolysis (fat burning), it is in these areas against the background of a balanced, but the reduced supply.

— Let us dwell in more detail on these procedures and clinical nutrition.

— As for procedures … We offer a specially developed and patented the technique I have exposure to problem areas or "fat traps" corporal needles that give the effect of liposuction without surgery, strengthen local, local fat burning and thus corrected the figure. The process is enhanced ozone therapy ( problem areas, as well as liposculpture procedures and LPG.

If we talk about your diet, then you should pick up his specialist, as in all other areas in nutrition "self" can do more harm than good. But in a nutshell, is the backbone of your power supply must be fiber, complex carbohydrates and proteins. But fat is better to use in the form of olive oil and flaxseed oil, but only in moderation — only 2 teaspoons a day, as well as dairy products. Incidentally, fats are responsible for fluffiness breast in women — are not in fact have breast muscles are composed entirely glands, fat and connective tissue. In order to lose weight in the process to preserve the beauty and splendor of the breast shape, it is necessary to use up to 2 teaspoons of olive or flax oil a day.

— And what about sports?

— With sports you can also adjust the individual parts of the body to build muscle and create the correct and beautiful forms. To do this, you need to alternate aerobic and strength training, as well as to choose the type of sport where the main burden falls on the "problem" areas. For example, swimming is wonderful strengthens the upper body, and jogging, cycling in the first place will affect the shape of the hips and legs.

But the dances affect all muscle groups, so that they can deal with everything, if there are no medical contraindications. Especially as dance styles and so many that find "your", which will bring joy and pleasure, is a snap.

— Almost all beauty salons now offer treatments for weight loss. Using them, you can remove all allegedly without too much effort. Is that true?

— There are several types of procedures. Unfortunately, many of them are aimed at quick results, so that in fact they are simply thrown out the water from the body, removing the volumes at a fantastic rate. But after a few days the effect of such procedures is winding down and the volume safely returned. In addition, these procedures on a psychological level, relaxes you. Do you promise to effect without effort, you automatically reduce your workload and sports consume more calories, thinking beautician can eliminate all the consequences. Imagine losing weight can be surprisingly naive when, after a course of treatment their weight is greater than before they enrolled in the salon.

— That is all salon treatment — this is nonsense?

— I would not say that. Simple procedure must be regarded as an aid, not as a panacea. For example, a professional massage therapist can work out your problem areas, thus speeding up their weight loss. With this massage you get a load on the muscles, improve circulation and speed up metabolism. But we must not get out of the supply schedule and regular visits to acupuncture. Neither massage therapist will not be able to make your body slim and harmonious, if you do not help him in this.

— What other treatments may benefit?

— If you have no contraindications, good for losing weight will affect attendance baths and wraps. They cleanse the skin, open pores, improve circulation. Together with then that is released when the steam room or graying at the hot poultice of your body out the decay products, and their rights in the body slimming order of magnitude larger than in humans, supporting your weight is normal. In addition, seaweed body wrap therapy saturates the body with trace elements.

— Let's talk about acupuncture and how it helps to control the process to lose weight?

— First of all, the method of reflexology Golden Needle helps control appetite and thirst. You do not need expensive treatments to remove the swelling or stop overeating. You can easily stick to their individual weight loss plan that will make you an expert, so it will go much faster. It should be understood that by what means you have no recourse, weight loss, especially with the heavy weight, it is impossible without patience. Be consistent in your actions. Maybe some time you will have to suffer the discomfort of the fact that some part of the body has lost weight, and others still in the process. But it's much better than being full risk health, experience dissatisfaction, looking at himself in the mirror. Be patient and soon you will experience the joy of how you look and pride in their strength and stamina. And you can enjoy a well-deserved result.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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