Is there a cure for migraines?

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People with migraine met long before the birth of Christ. Preserved ancient Egyptian papyrus describing migraine headaches and ways to combat this disease.

Ancient people were prepared concoctions of herbs and potions were even tied to a baby crocodile skin sore head. Modern — are spending millions of dollars on the synthesis and production of new drugs Antimigraine. So, several thousand searches. Why are they led?

Causes of Migraines

Only in the 90 years of the twentieth century became clear to the nature of migraine: a hereditary disease. Were discovered several genes responsible for hereditary transmission of the disease. Unfortunately, modern medicine still does not know how to treat genetic diseases. Although there are very few that successfully cloned Dolly the sheep are a guarantee. Today we can say with regret that migraine — An incurable disease. However, migraine is not a sentence: life expectancy of people with the disease, no less than healthy, the disease rarely causes serious complications.

Who is affected ailment?

The consolation for the person I am suffering from this disease, can serve as a "company" in which he found himself. We know that many outstanding individuals suffering from migraines: Julius Caesar, Queen Mary Tudor, Blaise Pascal, Carl Linnaeus, Lewis Carroll, Thomas Jefferson, Friedrich Nietzsche, Immanuel Kant, Edgar Allan Poe, Frederic Chopin, Karl Marx, Peter Tchaikovsky, Anton Chekhov, Sigmund Freud and many others.

This list is not surprising, since for most people suffering from migraines are characterized by dedication, ambition, responsibility and anxiety. Some even believe that the headaches of these people — a kind of payment for success that helps them in their lives. However, this still does not mean that the presence of migraine attacks in humans is a sign of genius. Percentage of disease among the gifted and ordinary people the same.

Dangers of migraine

Migraine is not fatal, but the quality of life can suffer significantly. Anything can trigger an attack, even those inalienable companions of modern life as a computer, television, transport (especially air travel), disco, party till the morning, and even a glass of good red wine. As a result, the disease can be a hindrance in relationships with friends, family life and prevent even the household. On the career growth and not talking — chief likely will remember the missed work days due to migraine and increasing get someone else.

Migraine differs from conventional headache. Virtually healthy person suddenly begins to experience headaches pain, Its intensity increases rapidly, the nature of the pain throbbing, sometimes it is compared with hammer blows to the head.

If time does not help, then attack can last for days and even more. He makes all things put aside, retire, go to bed (preferably in a quiet darkened room) as the light, the sounds, the smells, the slightest physical or intellectual capacity only increase the pain.

The most unpleasant during an attack is nausea and vomiting often turns into. Hours pass (and sometimes a few days) and the pain begins to recede. Man back to ordinary life, but … only until the next attack.

What to do?

Accept and tolerate the pain? The medicine may not completely cure the migraine, but to relieve pain, to teach the person to whom it was inherited disease, live a full life with migraine — doable task.

First of all, the patient should see a specialist. Statistics show that only one-sixth of patients with migraine seek the help of a doctor. All the others are guided by the advice of friends, personal experience and self-medicate. Over the years, this leads to the transformation of chronic pain, the abuse of painkillers and other complications associated with the treatment of unskilled (or complete lack of).

Worldwide, there are specialized centers for the treatment of headaches, staffed by a team of specialists. The clinical experience of physicians and specialized neurophysiological methods of pain research to help individuals find the best treatment. One of these centers over the eleven years working in Moscow.

Vein Clinic is not only therapeutic, but also a scientific institution, working closely with the Department of Nervous Diseases of the First Moscow State Medical University, clinic staff constantly conduct scientific research, the results of which were reported at Russian and international conferences on Headache.

The global experience of the problems of headache clinic doctors are constantly being studied. Thousands of patients have already applied to a headache clinic Academician Alexander Wayne and continue to actively fulfilling life by learning to control the headaches.

Do I need to treat migraines? After the attack sooner or later end itself, but to prevent his medicine can not yet.

This question has been debated among scholars. In the absence of treatment or ineffective treatment in neurons of the central nervous system is changing, and the pain that accumulate cells begin to produce their own pain impulses, and episodic pain becomes chronic. So the answer to the question "treat or not to treat" is simple — you need to treat each attack and the sooner treatment begins, the more effective it is.

For migraine treatment using a variety of medicines. Conventional analgesics are usually ineffective, so use special tools Antimigraine. Such preparations are already in the early hours of relieve pain, reduce its accompanying nausea, light-and phonophobia, nearly 70 percent of cases. Speed of action, efficacy and safety — these are the main criteria of such drugs.

Migraine — an incurable disease, but a means to control pain already exist.

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