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From time to time there are reports of how common a particular disease. Some diseases are more common, others less, and others — in exceptional cases. Today we want to talk about the disease, which affects up to 60% of women of reproductive age — about mastitis.

In the terminology of the WHO, breast — is fibrocystic disease, which is accompanied by changes in breast tissues. In this disease varies ratio epithelial and connective tissue.

Breast (mammary dysplasia dyshormonal) divided by nodal and diffuse. Diffuse mastitis often declare themselves pain, usually during the second phase of the menstrual cycle. You may receive complaints complex — increase volume, fullness and heaviness in the breast, pain when touched. When the nodal form of mastitis in the breast can be probed one or more nodules.

Of course, the main issue for women is the question about the causes of mastitis. Many of them, and experts say that these reasons need to pay attention.

Studies have shown that the immediate cause of mastitis is a hormonal imbalance, impaired ratio of estrogen and progesterone, prolactin increase. These hormones play an important role in the reproductive function of women, as well the important role played by the following factors:

  • heredity;
  • adnexitis — inflammation of the uterus, resulting in impaired interaction with regulatory centers of the brain and there is a hormonal imbalance;
  • late first pregnancy and childbirth;
  • abortion, resulting in impaired hormone metabolism;
  • premature termination of lactation. In the process of feeding the stable operation of the whole set of neuro-endocrine system, and if you stop feeding early, it can disrupt the normal production of sex hormones;
  • lack of regular sexual activity;
  • diseases of the liver, bile ducts and gall bladder. The liver plays an important role in estrogen metabolism, and in its ability to decrease this disease or even lost, resulting in increased content of hormones;
  • thyroid disease: hypothyroidism increases the risk of mastitis by 3.8 times;
  • vitamin deficiencies: lack of vitamins A, B1, B2, C mainly affects the liver's ability to break down excess estrogen;
  • neuroses, stress, lack of enough sleep;
  • overweight.

Be defined more accurately cause mastitis in each case, the more effective treatment. It should be noted: breast itself does not pass, the disease requires treatment. In 90% of cases of mastopathy may be suspected of self in the early stages of development — by monthly self-examination at 6-12 days of the menstrual cycle. However, even if woman not experiencing any problems, doctors advise every six months to visit a specialist breast physician. Even if woman suspected in his own breast, then make an accurate diagnosis and treatment can be a doctor.

In order to identify mastitisperformed breast examination, thyroid, breast ultrasound, ovarian, liver, thyroid gland. Can be assigned to the study of hormone levels. The main methods of diagnosis, giving the most complete picture of the breast, are ultrasound and X-ray mammography.

For final confirmation of the clinical diagnosis and clarify the extent of the process in the breast doctor may prescribe additional tests (blood test for hormones, Ductography, pneumocystography, cytology and histology, etc.). Their need in each particular case is determined individually.

Only after a thorough examination, the doctor determines treatment. Unnecessarily breast disease is a consequence of dishormonal disorders, the primary goal of conservative treatment is the first identification and elimination of the causes of hormonal imbalance in the body. Typically, in the initial and middle stages — treatment of mastitis — Very gentle, and includes diet, vitamin therapy, and receive non-hormonal herbal medicines.


Today, there are effective medications that can help you prevent not only the breast, but also to remove the ill effects of PMS. As a reliable therapeutic agent for the relief of symptoms and prevention of mastitis among doctors and patients have long proved to be plant It can happen with everyone!nonhormonal homeopathic medicine "Mastodynon" Company "Bionorica" (Germany).


The main advantage of this drug is that it acts in complex: relieves pain, prevents the development of pathological processes in the mammary glands and reduces premenstrual syndrome accompanying irritability and anxiety, in other words, a woman returns psychological well-being and normal. "Mastodynon" Unlike many nutritional supplements, is a drug. It consists of all natural plant extracts Vitex sacred and other plants. The leading specialists have much experience on its application, which demonstrates its good tolerability.


As shown by studies carried out in the Russian Scientific Center of Radiology, the drug is effective. The study involved 120 women with various forms of mastitis. After three months of treatment, "mastodinon" a positive effect on the whole was observed in 76.7% of patients. (Rozhkov NI)



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