Jakub Halik. Dead man with a mechanical heart.

In the Czech Republic at the age of 37 years died a former firefighter Jakub Halik, who has lived without a heart for more than six months.

After he was diagnosed with cancer, doctors replaced his heart on two pumps, each of which served as the right and left sides of the heart. This unique operation was carried out in April of this year.

According to doctors, Khaliq died when his liver failure. Why she refused, should set the autopsy: a direct connection with the operation of the artificial heart doctors are not being watched.

Despite the fact that Khaliq had no pulse and he had to carry a battery that provides the mechanical energy of his heart, he could easily move around and even use the hospital gym.

Khaliq was standing in line for a donor organ. Previously, he was unable to accept the donor heart, because due to cancer, he could not take the medications necessary for the success of the donor operation.

Previously, only one person, an American from Texas, had surgery to remove the heart, similar to the one made Khaliq. Texan lived after her for a week.



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