Japan. First derived from mouse stem cells!

Over the past two decades biologists learned stem cells turn into bone tissue, muscle tissue, skin, and nervous system tissue. Such materials can serve as "spare parts" in case of any damage to the body or the treatment for a number of degenerative diseases. In particular, attention is drawn to the process of transformation of stem cells in sex, it is suitable for implantation in the human body.

A team of scientists led by Professor Mitinori Saito of Kyoto University are convinced that the fruitful results of their research will make a significant contribution to the solution of such problems as infertility, as well as the study of the mechanism of the origin of life.

However, the development of Japanese experts and generate serious ethical problems. In the past, the research group of Professor Saito, reportedly created a viable sperm from stem cells. In theory, now scientists are now free to start a new life without any involvement of the biological parents.

However, success in fertilizing eggs grown from stem cells, as the researchers note, is quite low. In this process, quite often manifest all sorts of anomalies, the reasons for which the Japanese experts are not yet clear.

Professor Saito and his colleagues reported that they have created a technique of growing stem cells from eggs, ovaries and sperm valid until exclusively at the level of laboratory mice and is not applicable to humans. But Professor Saito and colleagues in the future intend to conduct a series of experiments with stem cells of monkeys and humans, in order to get them out of sperm and egg cells.

The findings are described in detail in the electronic version of the current issue of the journal Science.



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