Japan. Train Eco Ride — to work with the Roller Coaster!

Japanese — an amazing nation, the spirit of which, it seems, can not break any calamities and troubles. Brilliant ideas and are born in the smart heads. I present a new idea of a heavenly country: the train Eco Ride. AboutHe scurried to the principle of "Rollercoaster" and electricity costs will be minimal!

For every ten meters in height, where the train climbs special auto lift, he can travel only four meters by the force of gravity. Speed Eco Ride — 60 miles per hour (for a roller coaster of 200 kilometers per hour). Scientists attribute this to the fact that after 60 kilometers per hour rubbing against the rails starts an avalanche.

The train no motor and transmission, which makes it much cheaper. No need to buy additional land, and because the rails can be partially pave the road and sidewalks.

"This is probably the most energy-efficient transport system", — says the head of the development team Yoshihiro Court. Now Eco Ride is already being tested in the city of Chiba.



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