Kostroma recovering from the effects of a night of elements


22.07.11.Desyatki fallen trees, smashed cars, broken harness.
Kostroma is recovering from the natural disaster that struck the city last night. Two hours on the fire poured 20 mm of rain — a quarter of the monthly rates for July. Wind sometimes passed in a flurry.

Rooftop Olga Potemkin — a collapsed tree. Birch broke wind gust and, bent double, fell. Exactly to where the children. Sleeping child was hurt. But the roof needs repair.

Olga Potemkin, a resident of the Galich passage: "All elapsed, some pots and benches. All pulled midnight. A gauge how much slate is necessary, there is no way, because everything is closed. "

Street October. Here ash canopy covered Lada. The car is almost invisible from the tree. It fell on him after a lightning strike.

Artem Ochkasov, owner of the car, "I'm out — and this picture. The tree is on the machine. And next door fireball went through the outlet. To them home. "

"UAZ" street Golubkova tree crushed the whole back of the car. Car needs serious repairs. Added element of difficulty and drivers on the roads. Because of failures in the power supply out of order traffic lights. Traffic on the busy intersection of Galich and Yuri Smirnov today — chaotic. Car barely leaving.

Early in the morning of the yards and streets of Kostroma removed fallen trees and service teams GDSU municipal contracts, management companies. In the list — about 60 addresses. A lot of work and electricians. In emergency service town mains received 35 applications and diamonds. Element damaged power lines in several areas of Kostroma. Without the light stayed on Lenin Street, Ivanovo, Nekrasovskaya Oktyabrsky village Rebrovke. Basically — it's the private sector. All promise to eliminate energy impulses to the end of the day.

Michael Rogovnin, Chief Engineer Central Electric Networks: "The work we started at seven in the morning. Once properly dawned. Will run until the end of the day. On the situation as it is emerging, must have time to do everything. "

In addition to Kostroma, from the disaster suffered as Kostroma and Nerehstky areas Volgorechensk. It also severed electrical wires and knocked down trees. And in the village Uvarovo lightning burned a private bath.


Source: STRC "Kostroma"

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