Kylie Minogue communicates with the dead




The owner of a perfect fifth point, Australian singer Kylie Minogue, it turns out, has the ability to medium. This mystically minded star recently admitted to reporters. According to Miss Minogue, she had long talks with the late Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS and her ex-boyfriend.

Recall Hutchins committed suicide in November 1997 in a room of one of Sydney hotels. Before his death, musician drank vodka, beer, champagne, and took several doses of powerful drugs, and then hanged himself. Now, nearly seven years after his death, the rocker is in regular contact with ex-lover. "My personal and very significant experience proves that this is possible, — says the singer. — Michael is still around, as if I went to say" hello. "

Kylie, who met with Hutchence in 1987, long before his death, said that it is very tightly bound to the deceased — much stronger than life. "Often, when people die, you feel even closer to him," — said the pop diva. However, exactly what she is talking with Michael and what brings her the news from the world's favorite, Minogue has not told.

Now let in the occult revelations Minogue has shared his views on life after death, reincarnation, soul, heaven and God. So, like the Hindus, the singer believes has lived before. "But I'm not too successful in past lives" — confessed Kylie. "I do not know about his past incarnations anything specific, but I continue to believe that I came from somewhere in the world," — she added.

The existence of communication with the dead, and the sixth sense proves that somewhere there is something more than our sublunary world. "I believe in the universal force. I think we are at the beginning of evolution, because it is not using all the resources of our intelligence in full" — explained Kylie.

Alain FURMAN, March 18, 17:58

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