Land temporarily acquired kvazilunu




Land acquired "kvazilunu" — an asteroid that is spinning around the sun in an orbit almost identical to Earth's orbit, but from time to time revolves around our planet. This will happen over the next few years.

The appearance of a new satellite reported a team of researchers led by Paul Chodas, a specialist in asteroids from the famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA. The asteroid, called 2003 YN17, according to scientists, was formed as a result of the impact on the larger size of the "space rock" on the surface of the moon.

Astronomers believe 2003 YN17 first came to orbit the Earth in 1996, and kvazisputnikom it will be at least until 2006. By the way, our planet has two other time travel — are asteroids Cluithne and 2002 AA29. Scientists believe that all three objects may be members of a new family of asteroids. It is reported


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