Loch Ness monster was 80


The famous Nessie, supposedly dwells in the Scottish Loch Ness, first seen in 1933. Decades later, it became clear that the legend of the monster has gained such popularity as a result of a conspiracy.

"For 80 years, the modern history of Nessie received about a thousand posts about this animal — BBC quoted the words of a marine biologist Adrian Sheen. — As a rule, the emphasis is on the fact that they were all respectable people, the words of which can be trusted, but never analyzed, Who were these people by their occupations. "

In April 1933, Aldie Mackay, walking with her husband along the shore of the lake, I saw in the water, "something black and wet." When a spouse Mrs. McKay began to go down to the water's edge, she cried out: "Stop the Beast!" In May of that year, a reporter Alex Campbell Inverness Courier published an article in which he told the story of Nessie.

Adrian Sheen is one of the few scientists who were trying to find the Loch Ness monster, and one of the most prominent skeptics who doubt its existence. "It (Aldie Mackay) immediately cried the beast, but saw a glimpse of the object," — said the biologist, adding that this is a very important point. Experts believe that in such a situation, people usually do not know what they are seeing.

Shin studied hundreds of eyewitness accounts, dividing them into two groups. About half the monster saw the tourists, researchers, lovers, who came to seek Nessie. Scientists believe that these people are just a victim of mass hysteria which developed around the lake. Sheen emphasizes that the people of this group really believe in what they saw something.

The second group — the locals. By learning who they were, Sheen was surprised: the vast majority of witnesses who observed Nessie own eyes, including the McKay family, were the owners of local hotels, their relatives or close friends. Scientists believe that it is a massive fraud that was being born profitable tourism business.

The story of the Loch Ness Monster was not born in the mind of Madame MacKay. The legend of the monster, which is found in the local waters, goes back to the VI century. According to legend, St. Columb by prayer defeated the monster in the River Ness.

The most famous was the proof of the existence of Nessie "picture surgeon" — a famous photograph of the neck sticking out of the water with the head of the dinosaur, which in 1934 made a London physician Kenneth Wilson. The fact that the image has been tampered with, was established by experts only in 1994.

According to the newspaper Visit Scotland, the legend of the Loch Ness Monster brings the local tourism industry an estimated $ 1 million a year.


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