Locusts destroyed in Kakheti 40% sunflower crops


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15.07.11.V Kakheti region, especially along the river Alazani, swarms of locusts destroying fields of sunflowers.

As stated by the Information Center of Kakheti farmers, pests have destroyed 40 percent of the crop.

Villagers Tibaani Signakh district Avtandil Somhishvili says locusts in two weeks has destroyed crops, sunflowers and corn on 100 acres.

"At 20 acres, I had a sunflower, had to take 40 tons of seeds. Two weeks locusts destroyed 40 percent of the crop. I can not collect seeds and kilogram, if pests and ease off the air ", — said Somhishvili.

According to the head of the municipality Signakhi Nodar Kochlamazashvili, most of the Italian locust was in the village of Zemo Machhaani And there the area was treated with pesticides.

Source: Georgia Online

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