Locusts in the cotton fields in Tajikistan


01.06.11. Moroccan locust went on the offensive in the cotton crops Panj district. To date, there locust 2 ha cotton field.

According to the director Gosunitarnogo enterprise "Muboriza bar malach Ziddi" ("Locust") Kiemiddina Ganiev, work on the use of chemical agents against locusts in Khatlon region commenced in April, but there is a locust invasion in Afghanistan, as well as high altitude and pastures, where the drought has dried grass.

"At present, pesticides processed 100 thousand hectares of land. Locusts in the border areas are struggling more than two dozen units of special 450 handheld devices ", — said Ganiyev.

"The problem is that the processing of agricultural chemicals infested areas during the Soviet era was held simultaneously in Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Now in Afghanistan there is no such work, which leads to an invasion of locusts in our country, "- said Ganiyev. According to him, Uzbekistan annually signed an agreement according to which in the border areas of the two countries held simultaneously handling pesticides.

Ganiev also noted that the fight against locusts from the state budget will be allocated 3.8 million somoni. Under the Program, locust 2015 will be allocated 45 million somoni.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Tajikistan, the total area of locust in Tajikistan on 27 May this year, was about 143.2 hectares.


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