Los Angeles residents are warning of a possible disaster

March 12, 2013. Earthquake size 4.7 points, shook himself Southern California on Monday became the largest in the area Los Angeles since 2010, officials said, writes investmentwatchblog.com.

"It's been three years without a shock force in the region Los Angeles"- Says Susan Hough, a seismologist U.S. Geological Survey. Last earthquake magnitude 5.4 occurred in the desert region in July 2010, she specified.
Earthquake was recorded in the San Jacinto between San Andreas and Elsinore, said retired geology professor Pat Abbott.

"There is always a small chance that such earthquake is a foreshock, a harbinger of something bigger. But in this case it's probably not the case. Rather, it is an independent event, "- said the Abbot.

"All this is nothing terrible to be on the lookout in the next 72 hours," — he said. "If there is something more to happen, it will happen, probably during the three-day period."

"Many people do not realize that in California there is always the probability of an earthquake, but we can also see and tsunami," — said the deputy director of the Fire Service Los Angeles David Stone. "We're just in a long time not seen anything podobnogol deputy director of fire service rdvestnikom."

Residents were encouraged to prepare for various scenarios, including "how to hold myself within 2 weeks."

"The message for many of us should be: Be prepared for anything," — said the battalion commander Larry Collins. "Previously, we reported that we need to be prepared to hold out for 72 hours, but we have seen examples of other natural disasters such as [Hurricane] Katrina, even the recent [Hurricane] Sandy. What we have seen? Infrastructure has been destroyed … will disappear and your electrical network, and your communication options. And all of this will last, very likely, more than three days before you start to get food, water and other materials that come from the outside. "

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