Loss of livestock in the Kemerovo region. Video


11.05.12.K our office asked the villagers Iverka Izhmorskiy district. They are concerned about the situation at a local farm. It killed several dozen animals, and their bodies thrown right in the center of the village. 
Once on the field sown wheat, here today does not grow even grass everywhere meter layer of manure and dead cows. According to local residents, the economy collapsed six months ago, and then began dying cattle. Cemetery and within the farm. Cows were dying of starvation right in pens. And of course, they had not cleaned.

Gennady Novoschinsky, a resident on Iverka

"The new owner has come — Kuznetsova — it all belongs to the Siberian market. Here she opaskudila our village. "  

Love Filimonov, who lives on Iverka:

"The smell of the corpses that lay all goes to our village."

The smell of the village are the bears (around Iverki taiga), club foot is dragged several dead cows. In addition, next to the water tower is a farm. Rot can get into the drains, and there to water contamination is not far.

Alexander Volkov, head of the Krasnoyarsk rural settlement:

"Here, to put everything in order, we need the financial costs, we have no money in the budget, but the head Zinnatula Huzyatovich promised to help."

Tomorrow in the village have to drive a bulldozer and bury cows. As for the owner of the farm, the administration Izhmorskiy district intends to write to the prosecutor. Local authorities are convinced Kuznetsova entrepreneur must answer animal abuse and for the swinish attitude to his farm.

A. Reva, Lebedev, Izhmorskiy area

Source: Lead Kuzbass

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