Lost under the waters of the city

Legend of Kitezh — city, and now actual scientists after several attempts to find something gave it up, and only people who have appeared or was looking for an interest vanished city. Now in more detail.

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The first and only book describing the history of Kitezh was a book "Kitezhsky chronicler," which was written the Old Believers in the 19th century.
According to legend, the lake Svetloyar in the Nizhny Novgorod region and the town is situated. Built this city Yury Dolgoruky of white stone, which indicated that a certain purity and holiness of the place. But to find it very difficult, as the legend the city disappeared under the water.

During the invasion of Batu Khan fled to Yuri Dolgoruky built city of Kitezh, and brought trouble to the city. Three days people fought against the Tartars, but soon lost … people began to pray to the Virgin and then Virgin responded to their cries for help and came down to it, the city disappeared under the lake from the eyes and since then did not see him.

There is a ritual that if a person will be held on his knees three times around the lake Svetloyar, then all his sins will be forgiven, and his eyes open city of Kitezh.

See this city can a man with a pure soul, kind and honest. There were cases when people heard the sound of the bells of the churches of Kitezh — under the water, and sometimes hail saw the reflection in the water.

Lake Svetloyar, thanks to the legend of Kitezh — hail nicknamed the "Russian Atlantis."

According to legend, the city lost in the waters will only appear before the end of the world or at the very moment when the Earth reign kindness and love.

Your cause to believe the legend or not. I would like to describe a story that occurred in the village next to the Svetloyar. One day, an old man came into the store with a white beard and bought bread, but he paid the coins from the time of the Mongol yoke, and he asked the saleswoman, "How now in Russia?", After the old man took the bread and gone, never to be seen .

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