Lyme Vajkule: I envy yogis




— The only place where I really feel comfortable — my Riga apartment. I call my home, "dog", because that's where my three dogs, all is possible. They are everywhere shoved his nose, lying on couches and chairs, and no one ever they are not curbed. Although my mother periodically asks hopefully, "Lyme, and perhaps still move to a new home?" About five years ago, we really have a new home. For this money borrowed from friends. Began to repair it. And it was at this time a law that properties built prior to the 40th year, returns to former owners. Our new home just got a list of these objects. The heirs of its former owner, now living in Switzerland, has been very tricky. They waited until we repair the villa, and then later presented to it for their rights. Of course, no one at the house we were not paid. So when Russian television said that only expel Russian is biased. Latvians also expelled. And I was one of the first to suffer from the law. I am building a house in Jurmala, he is not yet ready. So while all my property — it is an apartment in Riga, yes apartment in Moscow, which I bought back in the Soviet times. Nothing more is not going to acquire. I have no such ambition — to acquire the island villa.

I remember in the early 90's in Japan for the performance I paid crazy at the time the fee — 100 thousand dollars. I'm on the money twice visited Hawaii — once on the island of Maui, the second time — in Honolulu. Well, that's all. The remaining dollars went somewhere. You see, making money for me is not an end in itself. I need it for my family and for freedom.

For me it is important not where I am (in one house, furnishings), and who I am. And in that sense, my first choice is the family — my extended family. If Vajkule clan gets together — it's nothing less than 25 people. In those moments, I always utter the same toast: "For the family." Probably due to the fact that I am the most successful member of the family, I have to deal with all the "family showdown." All the relatives, even older than me, come to me for advice. A team with whom I work for many years, I also think his family.

Diamonds — not for me

I am completely indifferent to jewelry and even to expensive jewelry. One birthday I was presented with a diamond bracelet. So after a month I did not know where he is with me. Just put her somewhere and forgotten. Expensive and stylish clothes? I need her to go on stage. This condition is a profession that I must follow. And in the clothes I totally unpretentious — the main thing that was comfortable and cozy. I love the house wearing woolen clothes, like soft things. His stage wardrobe periodically "purged" and since no relatives among the owners of my size, with many costumes just leave, including with things couture. Throwing out the old stuff, I do not have a drop of pity. Since last parting easily. Live for today and the future. I'm not interested in what happened yesterday. I remember a time when going to the stadium, and my car were on hand. But I have only one picture of me and that's the stadium. I had my way, we would be living in the forest to the terms were accepted. But the most beautiful thing — to be a yogi. These people are truly free. They are independent of material things. Can sit on the sidelines and meditate — the ideal state of mind. I tried to do yoga, but in the near future is unlikely to be able to delve into it a lot, because I simply did not have enough time.

In company with Konstantin Ernst, Alla Pugacheva, Valentin Yudashkinym.A all my biggest dream — to go to India to get into some distant monastery, that he was in the jungle and live there for a while. I even scheduled to do so next spring. But now I understand that will not be able to carve out time for it.

The disease has made me a different

By faith, I have come to adulthood. Despite the fact that all the relatives Catholic, I was baptized in the Orthodox Church. I believe that much of a difference between Orthodoxy and Catholicism is not. All of us — Christians. There was a time when I was seriously ill. And I asked, "What do you want me to bring you a book?" I said, "the Bible." It is said that we are born and we die alone. Wonderful phrase. A die is easier when you believe. Stunning discovery for me was the book by Alexander me. He was able to accessible language to explain the unexplainable. It is a pity that this man was killed. It is very necessary today. There are few people who believe in and are able to believe, but it was so.

On his illness, I do not like to remember. Has been and gone. Although anything that happened to me, I do not regret. It was after my illness I was just the way it is. I can not imagine what could previously think otherwise, take another life that I was so stupid and uninteresting. Now I have a different attitude to people, animals and nature. Now I try to forgive all men. And material excites me a lot less. Important soul.

I want to forget about your age

I was ten years old do not celebrate my birthday. Well, first of all they never really celebrated. And secondly, this event is important for my parents and me. For others, the celebration of my birthday is nothing special. I want to forget about your age. That was when people did not know how to count, how old are they? The problem of age I do not dread. Although I do not exclude that in the future I can use the services of plastic surgeons. As an experiment. After all, we are using different creams.

At the rehearsal. Why I never talk about love? It's so personal that if so much and start talking loudly, then it would not be "my" and will be "shared." With my friend Andrew with us 19 years. He was a musician, he worked with me. Then we ended up with the director's office GITISa. Now he is my producer. Andrew understands me, probably the best. And if you feel that I want to be alone, always provide the opportunity.

Sometimes I ask a stupid question: Do I suffer from a lack of children? But if I had suffered, they would have ever had. I do not have time even for dogs. Children — is first of all a huge responsibility. And if I maturation for the child, then you will see it.


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