Main battle tank T-84-120 «Yatagan» («IS 478N») (UKRAINE)

Main battle tank T-84-120

Tank T-84 «Hold» intensely moved by zabugornye markets, particularly because the armored theme led Ukraine in ten largest global manufacturers of military equipment and weapons. But parallel past tenders for the supply of tanks to Turkey, Greece and Malaysia, in what was T-84, not of success brought. Back in 1997 one of the most experienced T-84 was tested in Turkey, which studied the ability to update their tank fleet, consisting in the main of obsolete American M60. In February 2000, the government of this country was officially declared one of the largest tenders in the field of armaments to create a modern tank. Tender estimated at 4-4.5 billion dollars and originally meant country-winner put 250 main battle tanks and get an order for their upcoming production company in Turkey — there is expected to make its modern tankostroitelnuyu branch.

Main battle tank T-84-120  Main battle tank T-84-120

For a role in the competition were invited leading tankostroitelnye company. As a result of painstaking selection to the end of the first step out in Germany, the USA, Ukraine and France. Germany submitted a draft Ankara assembly plant limited fleet «Leopard» 2A6. France has also developed a plan for «limited» existing plant tanks «Leclerc.» United States on the same criteria offered to collect the car M1A2 «Abrams.» Ukraine went further their own rivals, designed specifically for Turkey project assembly plant unlimited park «purely Turkish» model T-84-120 «Scimitar» («to 478N»), armed with a 120 mm gun. Since Turkey — a NATO member, is one of the essential criteria of the competition was compliance with the standards of the tank main armament of the military unit. Such a requirement is excluded from the participants, for example Russia.

Ukrainian car factory index «to 478N», later received the title of «Scimitar» (in various publications — KERN 2-120, T-84-120, T-84U; KMDB but these names are not used), was developed in the late 1999 She was one hundred percent going from devices Ukrainian production, although provided for by the customer, installation of systems and units zabugornyh manufacturers. In developing the T-84-120 «Yatagan» applied technical solutions tested at the modernization of the T-72-120, which was shown for the first time on the international arms vyutavke IDEX-99. Since the 120-mm gun (unlike Russian 125mm) uses unitary munitions, the T-72-120 was developed entirely new type automatic loader Zaman, which is located in the rear of the tower in the rear recess hanging.

Main battle tank T-84-120

First standard T-84-120 «Yatagan» armed with a 120 mm smoothbore gun KBM2 Ukrainian production, the construction of which meets NATO standards. Given the tight deadline for the tender preparation, autumn 1999 concluded through KMDB corporation «Ukrspecexport» contract with a Swiss company Swiss Ordnace Enterprice Corp. Lock and 120mm barrels for the gun KBM2. Loading of the gun tank «Scimitar» performed using autoloader provides rate 8-10 rds. / Min, and also provides for the automatic and manual modes loader. Ammunition was 40 shots, 22 of which were located specifically in the automatic loader in a special compartment in the back of the tower, separated from the crew compartment armored bulkhead. 16 shots were in the auxiliary mechanized combat pack placed in the body, two more — in the fighting compartment. Could be used ammunition of all types, developed in accordance with NATO standards {STANAG 4385 and STANAG 4110), APFSDS-T HEAT-MP-T and others are also driven by a laser beam missile produced in Ukraine, adapted to the caliber of 120 mm. On the T-84-120 «Yatagan» installed fire control system of the T-84 «Hold», adapted to the brand new armament.
According to estimates of professionals, technical properties of four cars involved in the 2nd step of the competition, were approximately equal. But according to unofficial results inclusive tests, passed as landfills Turkey and on the ground competitor countries, on the first and second place came «Leopard» and T-84-120 «Scimitar.» Advantages of Ukrainian tanks could include the fact that it is approximately 10 tons lighter own opponent below his body, in other words the tank is the least vulnerable, without preparation fording depth of 1.8 m In addition, a unique engine Kharkov managed to fit criteria to work in hot climate, this did not lose power at ambient temperature to +55 ° C. An important event was the fact that Ukraine has exposed the T-84-120 «Scimitar» the smallest value, as was the only state that is ready to transfer technology of tank production in Turkey.

But in 2005 the long-running tank tender in anticipation of cuts in military programs, the Turkish military command was canceled. Preference is given modernize 170 M60 tanks obsolete. Contract for 668 million dollars received Israeli company Israel Military Industries. Turks also entered into an agreement to supply the country 298 former German army has tanks «Leopard» 2A4 that for previously had to go through a complete overhaul at the company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall Landsysteme. The situation is similar in a tank previously and tender in Greece — as a result, the country has also decided to buy German tanks «Leopard».

In 2000, T-84-120 «Scimitar» took part in an international tender held by Malaysia. In comparative tests were employed Polish tank PT-91M «Tvardy» is to modernize Russian T-72M, T-90S Russian and Swedish CV90 light tank 120. Spring of the same year Ukrainian T-84 was presented at an arms fair DSA-2000 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), which was a prerequisite for the role of mandatory competition in the supply tanks for the army of this country. Tests in Malaysia took place in the period from 19 June to 21 August, and the military is interested in the main mobility and operational reliability of tanks in difficult local criteria. Machines to pass about 2800 km in the tropical undergrowth on mountain lanshafty through wetlands and water obstacles.

Malaysian competition results have been very sudden. Despite the fact that in the process of testing the Polish PT-91M main characteristics of the most significant and ceded to the Russian T-90S and the Ukrainian T-84-120 «Scimitar», yet, in April 2002, the government announced its decision to purchase 48 tanks PT-91MZ and 6 ARV WZT-4 in Poland. The total amount of the contract is 370 million dollars. Russian experts say that a Polish tank cost Malaysia about four million dollars, or 1.2 million more involved in the tender Russian T-90 and T-84 Ukrainian. Have not won international tenders tank, tank T-84 «Hold» is still armed only with Ukrainian army. But work on improving the design of the tank lasts, the more that adopted in the 2000 serial «strongholds» to the truth of the moment is in need of modernization.

The performance properties of the T-84-120 «Scimitar» («to 478N»)
Combat weight, t 48
Crew. 3
Body length 7705 mm
Length with gun forward, mm 9664
Housing width, 3595 mm
Height, mm 2215
Armor type multilayer composite
Dynamic protection integrated
— cannon 120 mm KBM-2
Gun ammunition 40 rounds
Sights Daily 1G46M
Thermal Buran-Catherine-E
Guns paired:
— 7.62mm CT-7, 62
— 12.7 mm KT-12, 7
Other weapons guided missiles
Engine — multi-fuel diesel 6TD-2
Motor power, l. s. 1200
Road speed 65 km / h
Cross-country speed, km / h 45-50
In store down the highway, 540 km
Supplies running on rough terrain, 350-400 km
Specific power, l. with. / t 26
Suspension torsion
Fording wall, 1 m
Trench, 2.85 m
Fording, 1.8 m (with stroke), 5.0 (with snorkel)

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