In 2010, the German company Rheinmetall has developed the latest concept for the modernization main battle tanks — MBT Revolution. In 2011 the exhibition IDEX — 2011 was presented Leopard-2 tank, upgraded on this standard. Demonstrated at the Paris Salon MBT Revolution was a deeply upgraded Leopard 2A4. Rheinmetall under the name MBT Revolution now offers a full service pack for the main battle tanks — the modular concept will allow the package to fulfill both current operational requirements in different countries, and the potential for the future growth.

By revolutionary concept Rheinmetall nuances are, namely, the package of measures to increase protection, with a wide range of increasing situational awareness, with a relatively small increase in weight. In addition, the optimized design reduces machine configuration circuits to a minimum. To increase the German company Rheinmetall features not only offers a full set of nodes to upgrade, also elements of C4I (control, command and reconnaissance), the fire control system and new sensors, weapons systems and solutions to protect the troops. These abilities — offered by one supplier — particularly topical in the implementation of a comprehensive program of modernization, which should lead rational interaction of new and existing components. In addition, Rheinmetall has immense international network of partner companies.

The main directions of improvements designed to reincarnate unreleased in 1985-1992, the tank in modern fighting machine capable of withstanding virtually all of the existing challenges of the following:
• Turnaround protection, cost elements covering the entire tower and the frontal part of the body, as two-thirds of the board (in other words the fighting compartment) must protect the tank from the firing rocket-propelled grenades of all types and first RPG-7, of mines, homemade bombs, damaging parts of cluster ammunition OBPS, anti-tank missiles with opto-electronic, infrared and laser guidance systems;
• implementation of technology «Digital Tower», in other words the implementation of the MSA modern display, network solutions and components enabling to track movement of their own troops and enemy forces in real time vsesutochnyh means of observation and aiming to ensure the crew almost groove under review Armor: all this will allow the tanks to reduce the response time for that or other hazards;
• improve MSA traits, so the tank can hit targets first shot, especially in the movement;
• introduction to the machine «commander» brakes, allowing the senior crew member personally suspend tank with own workplace if necessary: ​​this function is positioned as a very useful when moving multi-ton mastodon on city streets, is largely depriving his famous awkwardness elephant caught in china shop;
• introduction to the modern tank ammunition shells;
• equipping modern machines stabilized remotely controlled weapon station auxiliary weapons;
• The use of a communication system that allows the crew to communicate with the surrounding tank infantry;
• introduction to the design of auxiliary power unit, which is used to power numerous electrical systems without the need to turn on the main motor: so not only saves the service life, and reduced thermal and acoustic visibility of the machine;
• Installation of equipment designed to enable each of the main battle tank into a single automated system of logistics: it greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of tank units provide ammunition, fuel and other logistical assets.
Set offers a fascinating configurations than in the case of the Leopard 2A7 +. True, we should note two features that can be considered as defects: of course, the highest price alterations and a significant increase in weight of the tank, get out beyond the boundaries of sixty tons. That’s why you should see the individual elements on the modernization program there MBT Revolution more carefully.


The concept of protection
Combining a huge number of individual components and measures, Rheinmetall made radial protection that can withstand all existing threats. Through the use of modern materials and technologies, the growth of the weight came comparable small. Other advantages contain extra ordinary security modules outside the tank; need for structure configurations with all this — unimportant.
Having a modular implementation, protection package contains the following elements:
— Protection of the hull sides and tower against IEDs, including several fragments from the explosion of artillery shells.
— Protection against shell mnogokalibernyh cumulative projectiles, precision, guided and unguided anti-tank weapon.
— Tower Defense from mnogokalibernyh cumulative projectiles, precision, guided and unguided anti-tank weapon.
— Protection of the roof of cluster munitions.
— Protecting the bottom and inside of the tank by mine explosion.
— Diversity boeukladka.
— ROSY — a unique brand new staging system smokescreen for radial protection tools managed with different types of guidance.

One of the important reasons strengthen the protection of machines — developed by Rheinmetall staging system smokescreen ROSY. It not only forms a cluster of multispectral smoke exposure on the detected direction of least than 0.6 seconds, and forms the dynamic smoke «wall» that allows the tank quickly to avoid defeat in the event of a mass anti-tank missiles of approach.


The concept of digital tower
Now many of the tanks are equipped analog systems of the crew compartment, which do not give the ability commander to night observation and offering him a very limited ability to manage fire, also do not allow for the reception and processing of digital video signals. Rheinmetall therefore offers two ways of improvement. 1st way — saving analog devices and adding improved component (laser rangefinder periscope commander, gunner and thermal, etc.) that share a common interface. But this solution leads to an inefficient use of the internal volume of the tower and the inevitable obsolescence of equipment.

Second path involves the complete substitution of basic systems, which is almost all good solution. This path essentially asks the smallest space in the tower, and connects all the equipment — from review systems and fire control systems to the communications and control — into a single, high-performance digital network with outstanding ergonomics, reliability and ease of use, even in stressful situations. The digital system has substantially reduced the reaction time and the possibility of getting incremented with the first shot. The first time, weapons and operations automation enables the full realization of the concept of Hunter / Killer. In conjunction with the system S4I (control, command and intelligence) it allows sformirovyvaetsya virtual reality as well as conduct training in the simulator directly in the tank.

Onboard equipment includes tanks MBT Revolution stabilized in 2-planes opto-electronic detection system. It includes a thermal imager, day camera and a laser rangefinder. Dates of the commander and gunner to assess the situation data — target range to it, the type of ammunition, the state of the system itself — are displayed in the fighting compartment. It may appear as radial view of the battlefield, and his piece, visible through the ordinary sight.

Digital control unit fire SEOSS, provides enhanced ability to see. Stabilized 2-planes, he resettled thermal Saphir, daily camera and harmless to the eye laser rangefinder. The data required to assess the situation, including the position of the target system status, range and type of projectile, displayed on the monitor in the fighting compartment.


SEOSS provides day and night target detection, even in limited visibility criteria and in motion. The user can choose between a radial survey of the battlefield or views towards guns. SEOSS also resettled integrated ballistic computer for 6 types of shells. In addition, an integrated system of situational awareness — SAS — provides a panoramic overview specifically around the tank, automatic detection and tracking of possible targets, which helps to reduce crew workload. SAS contains from 2 to 4 units, each of which overlaps by sector 3, 60? each. In addition, there is an extra high resolution color camera with night vision capability. Fire control interface unit allows a momentary transmission of target data, conduct hazard detection defeat, first with recently developed combat module Qimek.

Constant radial battlefield surveillance, reducing the burden on the commander and gunner, information provided by the system (SAS). Its functions include automatic detection and tracking of possible targets. SAS comprises four optical modules (although to lower prices modifications are permitted only from the 2-blocked) at the corners of the tower, each of which has three lens field angle of 60 degrees, and the highest resolution color cameras and night vision component. To shorten the reaction time of the crew to the danger of information about detected SAS targets can be transferred immediately to the MSA, first on the remote weapon station last generation Qimek, located on the roof of the tower.

Combat arms unit with remote
New module Qimek is a significant part of self-defense system of the tank. Modular performance and outstanding elasticity provides versatile seats, with the help of which the module can be equipped with various weapons such as the 40-mm automatic grenade launcher or a machine gun. Weighing only 200 kg, Qimek is flawless system for self-defense near the tank in a wide range of operations.
System failure.
Rheinmetall — one of the leading suppliers mnogokalibernyh artillery systems. The company produces the world famous L44 smoothbore tank guns and L55. Rheinmetall latest achievement in the field of missiles — is DM11, 120-mm high-explosive projectile. Thanks to the fuse with a delay, it is absolutely suitable for lung damage fortifications and light trucks and the middle class. After ramming the projectile in the barrel electric module programs the delay time of the explosion on the line of flight of the projectile motion: it can undermine the goals above, on the surface or inside the target after penetration. So makarom DM11 best fit changing requirements to the tank. DM53 armor-piercing shell is specifically designed to overcome the multilayer tank armor also reactive armor modules. The core consists of a special alloy of tungsten. DM53 projectile can be fired from a cannon L44 and L55.

Rheinmetall invented the first tank shells in the world, independent of temperature — DM63 and DM53A1 (an upgraded version of DM53). Hallmark of these shells is TIPS — temperature-independent propulsion system, which preserves the properties of their internal ballistic consistent across a wide range of temperatures. This new generation of missiles, clearer and causes the least erosion of the barrel. DM63 can be used in different weather zones in all smoothbore gun caliber 120 mm. New development — 120mm inert projectile PELE, which does not contain explosives and non-hazardous in the appeal. When he hits the target, low-density material inside the shell becomes so compressed that the warhead is destroyed, forming a huge amount of debris that move only along the trajectory of the projectile. This is particularly profitable in the case of vulnerable targets. PELE can be used in multi-or armor-piercing shot.

The composition of the ammunition tank MBT Revolution proposed to include new types of ammunition. Besides the already mentioned high-explosive projectile DM11, this feathered sabots with detachable tray DM53 (LKE II) length 570 mm, equipped with a core made of tungsten alloy (adopted in 1997), and its modification DM53A1 future development of DM63. The last two ammunition positioned as the first in the world OPBS, ballistic properties remain unchanged regardless of the ambient temperature. According to the developer, shells optimized specifically for punching «double» reactive armor and can hit in the forehead all types of modern tanks. These armor-piercing ammunition can lead fire 120-mm smoothbore guns Rheinmetall office with a barrel length as 44 and 55 calibers.

C4I and network capacity
Rheinmetall offers in depth information system command and control INIOCHOS, which is available from the brigade headquarters up individual fighter. A growing number of states, including Greece, Spain, Sweden and Hungary have chosen this solution C4I from Rheinmetall. INIOCHOS is a family of tactical command and control systems, whose functionality can be tailored to specific operational situations, for example — the tactical operations center, tactical present either an infantryman. One of the more relevant features INIOCHOS is the systematic application of standards comparability NATO, which is a huge advantage in the process of conducting international operations. INIOCHOS designed to support today’s tactical operations and contains a full range of modern standards of comparability, used during the combined and joint operations. The onboard equipment tank MBT Revolution integrated into automated tactical INIOCHOS, and allows you to distribute information from the brigade commander to the individual soldier or military machine.

Climate control
Brand new air-conditioner air and ventilation concept ensures the greatest comfort to the crew, even in hot climates. Air conditioning and heat insulation in the fighting compartment, coupled with good ventilation and cooling of the individual driver’s compartment, provides efficiency equal to that had never happened before. In addition, due to excessive thermal insulation ammunition, increasing the overall safe operation of the machine. Due to mental management system brand new automatic climate control adjusts to changing environmental conditions, provides the best introduction of energy. An additional advantage is the simplified procedure of cleaning and maintenance.

Secondary power system
APUs are becoming increasingly important, especially in light of recent technological advances. Implementation of MAT can improve the energy balance of the machine. In almost all cases, the battery capacity is not enough, especially when used old types. If the battery level falls below a certain level, the engine must be running to recharge. This leads to excessive consumption of fuel also produces unwanted noise and heat. Installing the APU can solve this dilemma.

So Makar, modernization of the tank, held on the draft MBT Revolution, allows reincarnate armored monster creation ideology which predictive maintenance tank battles of the image and likeness of contractions second World War, in a modern machine, are equally well prepared for combat with enemy tanks, so and guerrillas owning only mobile anti-tank weapons. New developments in the field of electronics, optics, communications instead give the crew a very limited view of the angle and distance scrappy «pictures» in the sights and periscopes full panorama of the surrounding space, displaying the position of the enemy and maneuvers own units. The concept of digital towers almost helps the crew to look through the armor. But specifically, this property is one of the more fundamental in the development of the latest generation of tank turret and uninhabited bronekapsuly crew how thought Russian T-95.

Due to a balance of protection and firepower main battle tank of course, has an important role in modern warfare and conflict resolution operations. No other system does not connect within themselves a similar level of firepower, mobility and survivability. Because of this his very presence on the battlefield can support their troops and break the morale of the enemy. For a very efficient use of already existing tank capacity MBT Revolution offers a huge number of options for modernization and lets take a more economically feasible.

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