Maniac-depressive insanity


Manic-depressive psychosis — a disease which manifests itself periodically occurring depressive and manic phases are usually separated by a light intervals.

Depressed phase

For the depressive phase is characterized by a triad of symptoms: depression, melancholy mood, retardation of thought processes, stiffness. Man sad, sullen, barely moving, he feels a sense of sadness, hopelessness, indifference to loved ones and to all that previously gave him pleasure. A person in a depressive phase, sitting in one position or lying in bed, answers questions in monosyllables, with a delay. The future seems hopeless to him — life has no meaning. The past is seen only in terms of failures and mistakes. Man can talk about their worthlessness, uselessness of insolvency. Oppressive sense of melancholy sometimes carries to suicidal attempts.

The women in the period of depression often disappear menstruation. With a shallow depression marked characteristic of the TIR daily fluctuations in mood from morning feeling worse (wake up early with a sense of melancholy and anxiety, inactivity), the evening is somewhat higher mood, increased activity. With age, the clinical picture of depression increasing place is anxiety (unexplained anxiety, a feeling that "something is going to happen," "internal disturbance"). Typically, patients with manic-depressive psychosis understand the changes taking place with them, evaluate them critically, but nothing can help myself and this seriously affected.

Maniacal phase

Maniacal phase shows an elevated mood, accelerated thought processes, psychomotor agitation. Everything around seems beautiful and joyful person laughs, sings, a lot of talking, gesticulating. This phase is characterized by the disinhibition of instincts, which could lead to promiscuity.

Man in the manic phase are often overestimate their capabilities, offers his own candidacy for the various positions that do not match his level of knowledge and skills. Often these people are opening at exceptional ability, posing as an actor, poet, writer, and cast their work in order to be creative, or simply change their profession. A person in a manic phase, a wonderful appetite, but he can lose weight, because the costs are too much energy and sleeps little — only 3-4 hours.

The duration and frequency of depressive and manic states vary from a few days or weeks to several months. Depressive phases are usually more durable than mania. Characterized by seasonality of recurrence, most often in the fall and spring. Sometimes the disease is characterized by the occurrence of depression only (sometimes only delusions), while talking about the unipolar course of the disease. Treatment of severe forms of conduct in the hospital for mild forms of the disease treatment in the outpatient setting.

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