Manna from heaven, or caution, benefactors!




Our country is great — just a field of wonders. And they piled on our heads, like a horn of plenty. Modest Russian citizen, it is not healthy and is not very rich, at once may well be very successful. And to do anything special for it is not necessary. You have dealt well above! And this, as we know, is very reliable.

You may ask, who? Just good people who are concerned about your well-being. However, their name is somehow weird, is not ours, for example, Maria Duval or Rose-Marie Blanche. No, they have not fallen from the moon and came from an unknown galaxy. Look, for example, their photos on the advertising pages of major newspapers such as the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" or "Arguments and Facts".

Honestly, Rose-Marie reminds me of a memorable image from the times of the developed socialism and pops into your beskompleksnaya aunt, famously cheated buyers at a dirty grocery store counter and poured beer questionable in the station buffet. Now she has a name overseas and laid haircut. But the main thing — it astral knowledge and an overwhelming desire to do much good for you and only you.

How to find it? Do not need to fuss, she will come to you. All you need to the belief that everything will turn out. However, and this will take care of it, you should just be gullible, to be precise, simple-minded. This is enough to make you care and surrounded
attention and to address your problems "for free." The result — a complete fulfillment of all your desires. The motto of the "benefactors": a dream — to life!

You are interested and would burn to fulfill your dreams? No need to worry, now I'll show you how it's simple.

In my friend, let's call her Olga, no special shocks in life was not, she lived as everything — from paycheck to paycheck, sometimes whether through loneliness, the migraine. But everyone seems to us that we deserve the best. Olga And when I saw an advertisement in the "AIF" and decided to use it. After all, fill in the form by putting a check mark next to the three innermost desires, work did not make. Indicating your date of birth and address, she put the envelope in the mailbox.

Not spoiled by the attention of the authorities and the state, Olga was quite surprised when I got the answer. First, he came quickly — it does not appeal to you, who walks the chain of command for months. Second, Rose-Marie Blanche was honest: she sent to Olga promised his personal mascot — the "ancient magical sign." However, it is not particularly impressed — it was a small black square and circle in it, and there Gothic letters, lines, some signs … But personally for Olga was sent to photograph Mrs. Blanche. And she wrote: "The maximum positive results you will achieve by applying additional ceremonies and guidelines that I presented to you in his book."

But that's not all. In the envelope was a letter on three sheets. Rose-Marie turned to Olga by name and patronymic, informed her that the person has done a great job for her, "the higher plane of harmonization and a favorable power-of-telepathic effect" that this work gives us considerable confidence in the success. Then followed a statement that 23.06.2003 — date of entry of Olga in "the most happy period of luck," and for that — the statement-the belief that Olga "in no case do not miss this chance," for a period of luck for her, only 47 days, and will have to wait for the next 5 years.

Well, who does not hang out your ears? And after such a treatment is offered here to buy the book "The Secret of practice white magic", and immediately after the period of short-lived fun, but the book is written about how to help herself Olga Rose-Marie Blanche make happy not only themselves. In bold at the end of the letter was typed setting: "Your happiness and the happiness of all those whom you love, is now in your hands." Well, who makes great eye when it comes to the holy? The book cost 447 rubles. Postal order form was attached, all the details and address stated in it — do not even need these many zeros to count in strochechki packaging.

Olga intelligent woman. She was satisfied with the mascot. But Rose-Marie for a few months persistently reminded him of himself. She reported about a personal number assigned to Olga, and sent her "Official Certificate Prize", that Olga was among the three contenders for the main prize draw, and would send "Instruction to transfer" (big money) and "Requirement 1st Prize "(" Yes, I want as soon as possible to get a winning first prize! "), and finally, the fact that Olga has won this prize — in an envelope lying" ownership documents "with the emblem of" Service award prizes . "

Each letter was a correspondent invariably polite — she was not offended that Olga its message leaves unanswered. And she was very attentive, well, just like a native. Do not forget to congratulate Olga birthday, benefactress reported that on that day, Olga and she won the first prize — 365 thousand rubles. All the papers were very solid — with facsimile signatures (French, of course — our all-you lie and steal, steal and lie), with a bit of watermarks and other personal belongings.

Mrs. Blanche asleep Olga their messages: there were a heap of warnings that should not delay — otherwise the prize will be given to another, the table with the names and addresses of winners — Olga, of course, in the first place, photographs and letters made happy. And nothing, but that's on the back of a beautiful documents Olga had to make a booking. Catalogs are attached.

You could not trouble yourself walking to the shops and to order electric iron, kettle, hair dryer, and a large traditional list. Here Scales: in the shop, we are 300 rubles, and from Mrs. Blanche — 500. Another offered a catalog of books — perhaps to enhance the intellectual level of the client. All books from 349 rubles. There are photos of them: they are thick and beautiful. And most importantly — informative and useful. Well, as a woman to live without books "Cellulite, or forgotten nightmare"? The thickness of the book in the photo scares — this is how much will have to deal with that nasty cellulite! But upon closer inspection you can see the ad is tiny: 184 pages This is for 349 rubles? Yes, that I did not suffer!

So reasoned Olga and to maintain a beautiful envelopes with lucrative offers. Loomed on the horizon is another major win-at 300,000, and even a special prize of 700 rubles. Hilling was going to complete the program. Olga suddenly discovered that Rose Marie, concerned about its fate and infinitely believes in the success of client, entered into a collaboration with Maria Duval, consulted with her and received confirmation that does everything right, you need only support itself Olga. After changing the name, Olga to his surprise found that the clairvoyant Madame Blanche and this fact of her personal life came to be known — the next letter was addressed to the new name.

There's something to think about, I think. If the firm can afford to spend on the information (which costs a lot of money!), On expensive paper, good printing services, to the endless postage and advertising in major newspapers — so it thrives. Thrives at the expense of the gullible and simple-minded people who "vparivaet" goods is not the best quality but at great expense. Revenues are paying off as the work of specialists in neuro-linguistic technologies that developing a plan "ridging" and customers are text messages. This process is designed to fit our realities, our frustrations and aspirations, the characteristics of our mentality. Everyone who is at least out of curiosity, fill out a questionnaire, it is a potential victim of talented, educated, energetic crooks who know how to play on the weaknesses of the human soul.

Companies established so that's "benefactors" to flourish precisely when and where people are not looking for any power, nor for themselves. For our country in the last decade, it is very common, unfortunately. In addition, we, the Russians, too like "free". And if we add to this our innocence, we obtain the well fertilized field of dreams for manna from heaven.

Lyudmila Ivanova


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