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This "wonderful" news yesterday appeared on our website. Today fasted twice no less remarkable news from the same rag. I mean, that is more attentive to the publications, especially from the "News". Even a reference to a particular person still does not guarantee anything, and only when the text says "Informed sources told"Then there's all clear, the source of this cleaner Frosya woman, not otherwise.

Main Command of the Navy has decided to return to Russia's Black Sea Fleet diesel submarine "Saint Prince George" (former B-380 "Gorky Komsomolets", the project 641B), which since 1991 is listed in the repair of a floating dock PD-16 in the South Bay of Sevastopol. An informed source in the Main Command reported "News", that according to the long-term plan of development of the Black Sea Fleet repairs will begin in 2013. … Military expert, co-author of the book "The New Russian Army" Dmitry Boltenkov believes that the Black Sea is needed so-called "mosquito fleet".
— For there the conditions are good small missile and anti-submarine ships, non-nuclear submarines. Nuclear power is like a whale in a pool. Turkey in the Black Sea basin holds 14 diesel submarines, based upon the German project 209. In 2015, they will have a German boat type 214 with anaerobic (do not require conditioning) motors. "Prince George" is perfect to the Black Sea — said Boltenkov.
Here are just a by Dmitry Boltenkov completely unaware that he is giving a comment:

and so I did not say ………………. and in general about this article I did not say anything to reviewers.

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UPD. While writing a post a comment on the website "News" urgently changed, but in a reprint "The View" it remained unchanged.

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