Mass death of fish in the river Oskol


30.06.11.Spetsialnaya Commission clarifies the reason for the mass death of fish in the river near the village of Oskol Sorokin. Dead fish floated on the surface of the local body of water in the early morning on Sunday.

First carp, perch and carp fishermen noticed, noting that with every hour on the river coats appeared more dead fish. Brown mass, exude the stench of the river is covered today. Who is to blame for this ecological disaster specialists promise to answer at the end of the week. Who conducted laboratory studies, reported at Stary Oskol.

Last August, the villagers and vacationers have already witnessed mass death of fish in the river Oskol. It is true that the cause of the plague experts have not determined: laboratory studies found in the water and fish of any toxic substances. Locals blame the "Water" and its treatment facilities.

Commenting on the situation, the director of "Water canal" Yegor Gridnev said that the company running smoothly. Harmful components of sewage pipes, according to him, the water can not penetrate.

This situation head Pavel Shishkin District took personal control. Eight kilograms of fish were sent to Moscow for examination. Experts of the three laboratories of the Belgorod region water samples. Name the cause of poisoning local wildlife experts were promised at the end of the week.

Source: News and Belgorod region

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