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Due to its effectiveness, massage has won wide popularity all over the world. Under the influence of massage greatly increases the elasticity of the muscles and joints, improves circulation and relieves fatigue. In addition, massage, most of the water is retained in the tissue is sent to a system of natural water loss from the body.

But note! If after the massage you are not having a sense of vigor, freshness, freedom of movement — change the masseur or, more generally, to give up the time of the massage.

Myths about massage

Massage therapist must have great physical strength

This is not entirely true. According to the real masters of massage from a good massage therapist should be a good sensitive hands, and not much power. One of the best massage therapists Russia Boris Holidays says on this subject: "The strength of the massage therapist is needed. Here's how you can still identify qualified massage therapist: he should not do massage very deep and painful. I hate when patients say, "I was in such a classy masseur — he did so deep!" And the only thing which should be deep — it is when working with athletic muscles. "

Massage — it's easy. He can learn each

The basics of massage and self-massage, indeed, everyone can learn. But to become a real professional massage therapist is not given to everyone — it's a tough profession that is not developed for a month or two on the course.

Masters massage believe that trust yourself massage therapist, who graduated from the monthly (or 2-3-month) courses, is quite dangerous because it does not receive 20% of the required knowledge. The same Boris Holidays advises: "In general, after the procedure, the person of ordinary skill should examine the body: whether it somewhere sinyachki. If there sinyachki, dots, bruising, there is more to seek. Furthermore such masseur can namyat muscle problem and will hurt more. If he still does not understand, on what lines to lead the movement — should be massaged from the periphery to the center, and he will make from the center to the periphery — is also a mood enhancing. "

Especially effective massage European (Thai, relaxing, Finnish, etc.), and a classic already out of date

All of these names are good to attract customers. But the stories of our finest massage therapists, foreign colleagues "always open mouth on our classic massage".

Massage "breaks the fat"

Alas, the results of the studies do not permit the following conclusions: "From the massage therapist loses weight only himself."

When selecting the type of massage you need consult a beautician, which is sure to tell you that it can deal with your problem.

Adapted from "Encyclopedia of misconceptions — Health"

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