Massage the third eye

Massage the third eye. That's what is sometimes called Shirodhara — one of the most unusual and enjoyable Indian health treatments, which was established on the basis of Ayurveda — a traditional Indian therapy with thousands of years of history.

Shiro — The head, dahra — For the flow. The procedure consists in the fact that you are on the third eye on top of the bowl pour the warmed oil to a comfortable temperature. This massage has beneficial effects on the entire body, from the nervous system and ending with the smoothing of wrinkles on the face. But all of this is preceded by another mass of healthy mental state and amenities.

Before the procedure, you will need to undress. Needed a one-time linen and towel you will be granted.

Shampoo for washing the hair you will also be given. If you want to bring your own — please, as long as he coped with the oil.

Choose oil that is best suited for you, help specialist salon (as a rule, all the oil is rich in vitamin E and amino acids). If you want to bring your oil, check it first with those who are planning to undergo the procedure.

To achieve a particular effect (improved sleep, strengthening the hair, removal of nervousness and depression, and so on), the number of treatments may vary. Talk to your specialist is necessary for you. Maybe in your particular case need not be part of the procedure. By the way, have contraindications Shirodhara but the serious nervous disorders not. But still you have to unconditionally talk about their weaknesses (kidney, epididymis, heart, brain, skin, and so on).

Quite often, Shirodhara include various pain medications, sedatives, health ayurvedcheskie complex programs.

How to do it?

Shirodhara is called casting oil on the bridge of the nose, but in its pure form is not used. If you go to a beauty salon, you'll get an extended version of Shirodhara.

1. First you make a head massage. Soft, pleasant, but at the same time, strong movements of Ayurveda therapist will pass on the entire scalp (a person under this procedure shall not affect) and go down to the neck. If by the time you do not fall asleep on the enjoyment and relaxation, then watch you still have a short time, whether you like it or not.

2. The next phase of the program — a full body massage. It is made with a variety of aromatic oils and four hands. However, if you offer only two, not a suspect in the salon savings on to you. At the heart of all Indian procedures is not quantity but quality. A competent therapist Ayurveda without a hitch will do the trick and two hands. Its mission — to relax your body, relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow in the vessels. It is important not how many times he pomnetsya you, and how. And what points he employs (by the way, in the salons of Moscow Shirodhara performed usually women). In a strict sequence specialist will touch your bioactive points, thereby changing and balancing the flow of energy throughout the body. You feel a pleasant bliss, and maybe even fall asleep.

3. Shirodhara. Do not worry, the very Shirodhara, in any case, its beginning, you do not oversleep. Pre you will lay comfortably on the couch. The eyes of the oil that will drain the face, protect the cotton pad soaked in rose water. Above his head at a certain height suspension bowl. Out through a small hole in the bottom plate and continuously pour a thin stream at certain points forehead healing liquid, heated to a pleasant temperature.

After ten minutes, you disconnect. Do not fall asleep, but it is disabled. The fact is that in the area between the eyebrows is one of the major energy centers of the person responsible for the harmonization of energy in the body. That's why Shirodhara has a profound relaxing effect on the whole body, relieves stress and nervous disorders, struggles with insomnia and headaches (including migraines). Also, what is especially nice, Shirodhara smoothes wrinkles, tightens the skin, strengthens the hair and face after she gets refreshed and rejuvenated. If you are plagued by painful periods, and then about them you are likely to forget.

After about 20-25 minutes of magical action stops. You may be going to sleep a deep sleep, and maybe you will discover a vision, or unconsciously, you will find the solution persistent problem. Predict exactly what will happen to you — it's hard. But the fact that you wake up rejuvenated, soothing, with renewed vigor and health stock, ready for a new challenge — the fact.

4. Massage the scalp number 2. Oil, which is the glass from his forehead to the hair during Shirodhara, you will once again head massage, so be prepared for the fact that after the procedure you will have to wash my hair.

Sorcerer Lodge

The couch, which runs most of the Indian treatments with oil, has a double bottom. Run-off during the procedure goes through the holes and collects at the bottom. After the procedure, the oil can be collected, heated and sprayed them with your body.

The finishing touch will be the hour and a half improving procedures Foot Massage. And at the end of a good beauty salons you will have to wait restroom. The fact that after one hour Shirodara contraindicated any physical activity and undesirable riding the wheel. Do not neglect this rule. It is better to establish a procedure for 2.5 hours and go through it from start to finish correctly. If not, then why do all contrive?

How much?

On average, over the long Shirodhara (1.5 hours) will have to pay about $ 200. For a brief massage with a reduced program (40-45 minutes) — about $ 150. Not cheap due to the large flow of oil.

Before you go Shirodhara, Ayurvedic therapists-advised to first pass Abhyanga — The oil body massage. So you have to prepare the body for a more serious procedure. Abhyanga lasts just 1.5 hours and costs $ 100.

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