Mathematical beauty

Mathematical beauty.  Collage

Thick and slender, with long legs and short people — all of them different. And if we add to this the various face shapes, the range of possible figures and faces will be huge. And they all someone seem beauties and handsome.

When advancing war, famine and disease — were considered pyshnotelye beautiful woman came prosperity and relative abundance of food — and men preferred thin women.

As for the men, but now women are more likely to pay attention to the size of the purse or the mind than on his torso and shoulders. A thousand years ago, were favorites of men who can not only sing under the balcony of the beloved, how to lose a funeral march fleshy predator.

Beauty formula

Is it possible to find a formula of universal beauty of all time? Trying to answer this question, the American scientists are bringing people pictures 40 different parts of the body. These images were taken in three forms — in the first case, it was the form more suited to the primitive people, in the second — the ones that we see in modern humans, and in the third case — intermediate forms.

It turned out that people of different races and cultures living in different geographical regions, the most highly valued features of the modern man. In other experiments, photos recognized beauties (from the point of view of Western culture) showed residents of other countries and found that they are enjoying success. Moreover, in many different countries with great pleasure and longer looked at pictures of beautiful people, no matter what race they belonged to.

It turns out that, despite the differences in cultures and times, there are certain standards of beauty that are recognized by all. Andman would not be human if he had not tried to understand where they came from and what they look like.

It was easiest to find the answer to the first question. The whole point of evolutionary expediency — this opinion is shared by almost 100% of researchers. Attractive and beautiful is that the evidence on the properties that give a certain advantage. Well, that may be more beneficial in nature than the successful continuation of the species? The conclusion is that — beautiful and attractive women who are healthy and can be more frequent and easier to bear. With fairly wide hips and large breasts. It does not look too romantic, is not it? And yet, it seems to be the case.

  • The American scientist Deverdra Singh of the University of Texas found that the most attractive female figures whose waist circumference divided by hip measurement is 0.70-0.75. Later, the data were repeated again and again by scientists, found even that among the winners of beauty contests vast majority fall within the range regardless of the other features of figures and faces. The fact that the ratio of 0.7-0.75 shows the distribution of fat on the body and the width of the hips, the most favorable for procreation. But in women with higher values were found to occur more frequently hypertension, stroke and diabetes, they give birth with great difficulty.
  • Another candidate for the universal sign of beauty is symmetry of the figure and features of the face. Dozens, if not hundreds of studies, again and again show that the symmetrically body andface, the more beautiful they look in the eyes of the people. The reason is that the symmetry of the body shape depends on the synchronous activity of genes determining human development. If these genes are "successful" work in spite of all the adverse effects of the environment, hence,whole human genome can be called "good", and vice versa. It seems that this relationship is universal — at least in the animal world, it can also be seen — for example, the birds choose their partners with a symmetrical arrangement of feathers in the tail, and in individuals with symmetrical shapes found a strong immune system.

Evaluate the attractiveness of the human face or figure with the help of formulas, as you realize it is possible. But to paint them before plastic surgeons hardly appropriate — in fact actually beauty is not limited to the visual image. Do not forget that in the perception of an equally important role played by the sense of smell (sex pheromones) or hearing (for example, a beautiful, rich tone of voice). And, of course, the mind.

Beauty Mask

Universality of the golden section in nature, was used by the American scientist Stephen Marquardt to mask the most attractive face. He argues that the features of a beautiful face can be described with the use of lines and points, chosen from a set of different shape of pentagons, whose parameters correspond to the golden section. As for the description of any entity requires only 22 points.

According to the researcher, found them to geometry faces reflects not so much "beauty" as such, as a basic principle of face recognition in humans as a species. Marquardt believes that any person is already "built" a certain idea of the perfect face. Automatic comparison of all persons seen with this ideal allows a person to immediately "sort" of their respective owners in terms of health and reproductive value. Hence the conclusion — those beautiful faces, the features of which are the closest ideal.

Golden section man

One of the most well-known mathematical methods to describe the structure of human body is the so-called "golden section". This term refers to the length of this division into unequal parts, in which the whole interval so related to the most part, very large part refers to low. If the entire segment is taken as unity, the segments gold proportions are expressed in endless irrational values of 0.618 and 0.382 … … although in reality often use approximate values 0.62 and 0.38.

Attention, which was honored with a gold section, due to the fact that it is always present in nature. Forms of animal bodies, arrangement of leaves on the branches, spiral snails and even the DNA helix — everywhere we are faced with numerical displays of the golden section. The division of the body navel point — a key indicator of the golden section.

The proportions of male body fluctuate within the average ratio 13:8 = 1.625 and somewhat closer fit to the golden section, than the proportion of the female body, in respect of which the average ratio is expressed in a ratio of 8:5 = 1.6. A newborn ratio is the ratio of 1:1, for 13 years it is 1.6, and is equal to 21 years in men. The proportions of the golden section evident in relation to different parts of the body — height, arm length, forearm and wrist, hand and fingers, shoulder width. All segments for the measurement of body form between them the golden section ratio.

Measure your beauty

To check for yourself beauty standards have quite a bit — take your picture and compare with the face of a perfect beauty. The mask can be downloaded from the Internet and then combine with your photo.


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