MBT Arjun (Arjun) India

Tactical and technical requirements for the development of the new tank Indian Army developed in 1972 It was meant to spoof tanks Vijayanta, and at the Research Institute of combat vehicles on a new project started work in 1974 to the time when the first ace Arjun standard was introduced In April 1984, a project was already spent 300 million rupees (about US $ 6 million).

The implementation of the new project as usual joined by many foreign companies, including German Krauss-Maffei, (engine MTU), Renk (automatic transmission), Diehl (caterpillars) and Dutch Oldelft.
The main difficulties in the development of modern machine came with the engine. Initially, it was planned to install a gas turbine engine power of 1500 hp, but then it was decided to use the newly developed 12-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine with a variable compression ratio of such a power. But first motor model developed only 500 hp His forthcoming improvement allowed to increment the number to 1,000 hp Installation turbocharging.

Suspension hydropneumatic tank. Truckee caterpillar tracks of duralumin alloy with rubber mount and The rubber boots. The mechanism of the track tension has built-in overload protection.
First you have built 6 of prototypes of the tank "Arjun", kitted German diesel MTU MB838 Ka-501 power 1,400 hp with an automatic Renk. It is reported that neither one of them was not armored, but had iron hull and turret.

Production machines will produce combined with the latest armor Kanchan, developed by the Metallurgical Laboratory of the Ministry of Defence of India (Indian Defence Metallurgical Laboratory). It will be carried out by Mishra Dhatu Nigam. Thermal sighting equipment was set up by DRDO.
OMS tank "Arjun", consisting of a laser range finder, ballistic computer, thermal sight, stabilized panoramic sight of the tank commander, optional telescopic sight and electrical units are guaranteed to provide the highest possibility of getting the first shot. According to estimates CVRDE, MSA third generation in a complex with a 120-mm rifled gun (also developed in India) and the gun electrically operated, allows the gunner to detect, identify, accompany and successfully hit moving targets at firing on the move.
Main sight Gunner joins voedinyzhdy inside daylight, thermal and laser rangefinder channels and a single stable head on all three channels. Total head mirror is stabilized in sight 2-planes. Day sight has two fixed growth. Thermal sight provides the ability to detect targets gunner and tank commander in the criteria for a complete haze and smoke.
Commander's panoramic sight allows him to make radial battlefield surveillance without turning his head and his eyes on the sight and without rotation of the tower. The field of view sight stabilized in the 2-planes with gyro mounted on the platform of the head mirror. The sight has two growth.

Ballistic computer determines the initial setting for the shooting in accordance with the information provided by the abundance of automatic sensors in the car and from manual data entry. It produces electric signals proportional to the desired firing angles of elevation and azimuth.
To increase the accuracy of shooting MSA armed with matching window, which allows you to fire the gun only when it is in a certain position in accordance with the signals of the ballistic calculator (on Russian tanks used for this electrical unit resolution shot).
The machine is armed with 120-mm rifled gun, for which the Indian Institute of explosives in Pune have been developed unitary shots with partly burned down the sleeve with the kinetic energy ammunition, cumulative, armor-piercing with plastic explosives and smoke shells. Powder charge the highest energy developed by the same institution, lets say a higher initial velocity projectiles and those providing them with the highest armor. In addition to the previously mentioned for munitions currently being developed special protivovertoletny shell. The gun is made of special steel, made with the introduction of electro-slag remelting technology and equipped insulating cover and ejector. Together with him paired 7.62-mm machine gun. 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun is designed to combat low-flying targets.

Drives turret and cannon of prototypes, electronic, and were supplied by FWM from Germany. At the current time tanks "Arjun" equipped with electrohydraulic actuators. On both sides of the tower mounted units devyatistvolnye smoke grenade having 5 barrels top and four bottom.

Production tanks "Arjun"Will have the engine develops power of 1400 HP, in conjunction with an automatic planetary gearbox with 4 gears front and 2 reverse, designed by local engineers. Braking is fast-acting with hydraulic disc brakes.
The tank has a system of collective NBC protection, designed and made by an atomic research center (Atomic Research Centre) in Bhabha (BARC). To increase the survivability of the machine on the battlefield, there is an automatic fire extinguishing system. Ammunition tucked away in waterproof containers to reduce their ability to fire.
Until the end of February 2009 the first Arjun tanks entered service the Indian Army, this report bharat-rakshak.com.
It is planned to put 45 units. On this day at the factory languid engineering in Avadi, Tamil Nadu in various stages of readiness are 85 tanks.
First tanks will go to the training center Armoured Corps Centre and School (ACCS), which will be used to train crews and maintenance personnel. A few months later the machine will start to arrive in the combat units.
Perhaps part, kitted out with new tanks will be deployed on the India-Pakistan border, where the currently focused most of 59 armored regiments of the Indian Army.

Putting into service of new tanks met stiff opposition inside the military, and only after extensive testing has been given green light. Arjun was the main supporter of the Minister of Defence Antony, who said the 58-tonne Arjun demonstrate it perfectly.

It is reported that the Indian army equipped with tanks Russian development will be carried out by comparative tests zavistimosti Arjun and the Russian T-90 tank, as up to the Organization for the Defence Research and Development DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation).
July 28, 2005 Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee (Pranab Mukherjee) told Parliament that "the Arjun tank for its superior features of Russian T-90 tank." According to him, Indian tank against superior Russian firepower to combat weight, the best abilities in shooting on the move in the daytime criteria and at dusk, in the duration of the effective driving the tank, because the Indian machine has the best ergonomic criteria for the crew than the Russian tank. "Arjun tank has been thoroughly tested and confirmed the highest performance," said the defense minister.
But a year later, India has purchased additional T-90 tanks in the amount of 347 units to the existing fleet of vehicles in the amount of 310 units. And this despite the fact that the problems have been identified with the complex missile Invar, mounted on the T-90, and the shortcomings of infrared vision, which is a critical concept for combat in the evening and night criteria. Against this background, the representatives of DRDO confidently assert that machine Indian develop superior Russian tank. If these estimates are proved, Indi
a completes purchase additional batches of T-90 in Russia.
But the army continues to delay testing of these tanks, insisting on the necessity of mandatory presence of a squadron of tanks Arjun. This requirement puts tests in the last least until December 8. But in 2005, the Army agreed to conduct tests of five Arjun tanks with five tanks T-72 and T-90 five. But the tests were postponed because Arjun was not ready for testing in the criteria for high temperatures. But now Indian tank ready for testing, but the army did not carry out their lust.
Minister of Defense Industry Rao Inder Singh (Rao Inderjit Singh) in an interview with Business Standard said that "it is necessary to conduct tests Arjun tank T-90. Russian tank crotch is a model for the transition to the tanks Arjun. Let's do a test in the desert, made a fire, and we will see what the tank better. "

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