MBT latest generation of T-90AM declassified in September

MBT new generation of T-90AM declassified in September

Intended variants of T-90M — maybe it's the T-90AM (sketch A.Shepsa 2010)

Last week in the Russian sector of the global network has information that in Russia all the same will be created by the latest generation tank T-90AM. How not hard to see by description, it will be upgraded T-90, but the representatives of the "Uralvagonzavod" emphasize that it would be "very profound modernization" T-90, which will allow to make a significant step forward in comparison with all existing zabugornom modern counterparts. They also said that the new girl fighting vehicle will be presented to the general public at an exhibition in Nizhniy Tagil, which will illumine first of the year.

Valuable information is also shared with the press and CEO of SPC "Uralvagonzavod" Oleg Sienko: "The exhibition of weapons, which will be held in Nizhny Tagil September 8-11, we present the next generation combat vehicle T-90AM. The Ministry of Defence declassify new tank, has consented to the passport form, the exhibition we will show a new tank in action. "

MBT new generation of T-90AM declassified in September

"At the meeting in December 2009, we have heard a lot of, I believe, a fair criticism of the address of our military. Experts of the Ministry pointed to shortcomings of the new tank — is the engine, gearbox, the charge capacity of the radial angle and a lot of other small flaws. Now brand-new combat vehicle finalized taking into account all the comments of Defense "- said Sienko.

Press-service of "Uralvagonzavod" clarify which have been made to the configuration. Specifically, the requirements were made adequate transmission, the engine (which also added capacity for 130 l.c), a panoramic overview of the trunk and completely different, protected by machine gun mount. New in this version as well — improved PTC (software and hardware) and an improved automatic loader.

As long as all the latest properties battle machines are classified information.
At the moment, under the existing legislation in the process of declassification, if so the tank will be presented at the exhibition.

On the "parent" newest car T-90 tank is more understandable. -90, initially bore the designation T-72BM, began to be developed as the modernization of the T-72B in the middle of the 80-ies of the last century. In 1992, T-72BM already under the T-90 was adopted by the armament as the main battle tank of the Russian army.

MBT new generation of T-90AM declassified in September


T-90 is the same as the T-72 chassis and power unit. With all this machine has a new set of guided weapons and more than a strong defense, which includes active protection systems and electrical systems of oppression.

In service with the T-90 made 125-mm smoothbore gun, coaxial machine gun 7.62 mm anti-aircraft machine gun NSVT mnogokaliberny.

By the way, military experts specifically on the issue of weapons celebrate advantage of T-90 to the Western counterparts. Firing range guided missiles from the T-90 about twice the effective range of fire zabugornyh tanks, which consequently makes it possible, without going into the kill zone, destroy enemy targets. The most a weak spot T-90 is referred to as its relatively low survivability, explains the features of the location of ammunition, which not isolated from the crew and is located in the fighting compartment of the tank, at the death of his knock as the crew and the machine itself is actually imminent.

MBT new generation of T-90AM declassified in September

But in the words of Lieutenant-General Yuri Kovalenko, who in his time for the development and implementation of the tank -90 received a municipal award, Ural designers managed to remove these shortcomings. "We have a generation Urals on the removal of ammunition from the housing of the driver's compartment. There is also a loading mechanism, allowing to protect the crew from the explosions of ammunition. They also developed some things that eliminate highly explosive new tank ", — said Kovalenko.

"Now, for the protection and survivability, we are ahead of other countries — and a set of active protection and integrated armor T-90 definitely better and more reliable than all Western models. In these matters, we are superior to a potential enemy at times "- as rated by the T-90 General.

"As long as the command is not enough agility to be achieved, that means you can control rapidly and well-distributed set goals and operational problems on destruction of the enemy fire. In this direction, we are actively working, if we achieve the results we come to the most advanced level in the world ", — concluded Kovalenko.

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