Medical abortion

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Currently, this method is the most progressive and the most gentle method of terminating unwanted pregnancy.

  • processes taking place in a woman's body are closest to the natural;
  • abortion performed without surgical intervention;
  • practically eliminated the likelihood of skidding infection;
  • there is no risk of damage to the uterus and fallopian tubes adhesions (in the case of if no additional curettage).

This method is used to terminate pregnancy for up to 8 weeks.

Pre-conducted survey tests are taken. Then, if everything is normal and contraindications have been identified, woman gets a modern hormonal drug (mifolain, Mifegin), under the influence of which is broken yet fragile relationship with the wall of the uterus of the embryo and occurs naturally in its rejection.

Thereafter woman receives an additional hormonal preparation, causing contraction of the walls of the uterus and the fetus ottorgshiysya ejected from the uterus.

For most women, this whole procedure is similar to the monthly and abundant, especially in the early stages, little is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. However, after taking the pills a patient must be under the supervision of a physician. After occurred abortion must-pass an ultrasound to check up, whether there parts of the embryo in the uterus. If abortion not occurred or did not occur completely in three days will require additional administration of drugs.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that even after repeated administration of drugs in the womb will remain a piece of the ovum. This complication requires scraping to remove the residue of the fruit. To prevent such complications, doctors recommend a decision on medical abortion as possible at an earlier date, when he almost always passes without complications.

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