Medvedev. Russia’s response to missile defense in Europe. Video


23.11.11.Prezident Russia Dmitry Medvedev addressed the citizens of Russia in connection with the situation that has developed around the creation of a missile defense system the U.S. and NATO in Europe. Record his announcements broadcast channel "Russia 24".

The Head of State said that he made a number of decisions, which are a response to the construction of the European missile defense system.

"First. On my instructions, the Russian Defense Ministry to immediately introduce into service a radar warning system for missile in Kaliningrad. Second. As part of a system of aerospace defense of Russia's priority will be enhanced protection of objects of strategic nuclear forces, "- said Medvedev.

Third, the Supreme Commander said, "strategic ballistic missiles, which come into service the Strategic Missile Forces and the Navy will be equipped with the promise to overcome missile defense complexes and new highly efficient warheads."

"Fourth. The armed forces of my task to develop measures to ensure, if necessary destruction of information and control of the missile defense system, "- said Medvedev.

"These measures are appropriate, effective and low-cost," — said the president. "If these measures will not be enough to place the Russian Federation in the west and south modern strike weapons systems that provide fire damage to a component of the European missile defense. One of these steps will deploy missile complex "Iskander" in the Kaliningrad special district, "- said Medvedev.

"There will be prepared and implemented as needed, and other efforts to respond to the European component of the U.S. missile defense," — said the president.

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A start, the end is in sight.

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