MEK — who they are: terrorists or peaceful organization?

MEK - who they are: terrorists and peaceful organization? MEK — who they are: terrorists or peaceful organization?
In the period from 2005 to 2007, representatives of the American special forces, which relate to Special Operations Forces Command, conducted training militants belonging to a terrorist group "Mujahideen Organization of the Iranian people" (MEK or "Mojahedin-e Hulk"). These workouts were held at a U.S. military hidden bases located in Nevada.

Preparing militants took place at the base, located near Las Vegas, which is owned by the Ministry of Energy. Training the Mujahideen did not differ from the standard training of U.S. special forces and consisted of learning cryptography radiodelu, the introduction of different types of weapons, ability to work in small teams.

People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran was established in 1965 by students of the Municipal Institute of Tehran. A prerequisite for its creation was the anti-Shah sentiment that spread among the population. Noteworthy that the creators of the MEK were people belonging to a variety of social groups. Among them were: Ahmad Rezai, who worked as a school teacher; Hanifnezhad Mohamad, the son of a shopkeeper, MOSH Sayed, who came from a bourgeois family, and Ali Asghar Baadizadegan, which worked as a teacher of chemistry at the Institute of Tehran. Apart from the fact that they all were from the 1st of the institution, their combined voedinyzhdy to the same ideological principles, coupled with the vast experience of struggle against the regime of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. His sociological ideas members of the organization have tried to connect with Islam. The main objective of "Mojahedin-e Hulk" was to fight against the regime of the Shah's government, capitalism, imperialism, and clericalism. According to the views of some professionals, creators of the ideological inspirer of the organization was Iranian philosopher Ali Shariati, despite the fact that officially he did not go to the leaders of the group.

MEK acquired relative popularity among the representatives of the small bourgeoisie who were passionate about the thoughts of teachers and students. It is worth noting that in fact a day or your own favorite foundation organization focuses on the armed resistance, as most of its members had a good level of training and the degree of organization. The union had even its intelligence service, in which the tasks was to conduct the struggle against the Shah's regime lurking police SAVAK, and other organizations under the control of the government.

First, the 70-ies of the last century, the terrorist organization held a significant amount of sonorous actions against members of the Shah's government, as its North American allies. In the middle of these shares may be noted, for example, the murder of the police chief of Tehran, South American military adviser to the Shah. And in 1972, when the country was visited by a South American president Richard Nixon, grouping distinguished by a series of explosions, the answer to that was a series of arrests of the most active members of the association. Many of its members have been committed to execution, but, despite this, the MEK over the next few years could be reborn and it is absolute return force.

In 1975 the leaders of the MEK are Marxists (their wing in the organization bore the title "Peykari"). But very soon, this step in the history of the "mujahideen" is over, came to the management of religious socialists and Marxists have broken away from the organization.

At the end of the 70-ies of the last century "Mujahideen Organization of the Iranian people" tried to make configuration in its social base by making its motto is that the most progressive part of the Iranian people — it mostazafiny or disadvantaged. So Makar, he made an attempt to attract more private organizations of the masses.

In 1979, when freedom came Massoud Rajavi, a favorite group, the MEK has significantly strengthened its position. Organization of the Islamic Revolution met perfectly, and even the initial steps Khomeini helped to liberate the country from the former Shah's regime and the presence of excess Yankees. In addition, the "Mujahideen" helped students in Tehran seize South American Embassy. Despite this, a few months favorites "of the Mujahideen of the Iranian people" openly defected to the opposition to the current revolutionary government, which is so intense they maintained. Were forgotten and the statements that the organization is taking a course on "advanced democratic Islam." A prerequisite for such a configuration is very constructive in the sight of the Mujahideen was the dismissal of the Iranian president Abolhasana Bonisadra, which had some sympathy for this group. The country is flooded with terrorist acts, more well-known of which is considered to be an explosion of the headquarters of the Republican Party of Iran in Tehran in 1981, resulting in the deaths of about 72 people, along with the head of the party and the President of the Supreme Court Hussein Beheshti. More well-known is an explosion, which occurred on August 30 at the Office of the Prime Minister. It was eventually killed eight high-ranking officials in a number of whom were President Mohammad Ali Rajai, the chief police officer Wahid Dostgerdi and Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Mohammad Javad Bahonar. Little more lucky Defense Minister Colonel Namdz who was wounded. In addition, in the same 1981, the organization made the attacks not only in Tehran and in other towns — Urmia, Tabriz, Mashhad. Became the target of attacks government and police buildings. During the three day or August (7-10) 1981, in Tehran, Bane, Isfahan, Kerman and Sanandaj group spent 60 explosions. Same year was marked by countless murders of members of the clergy and politicians. Moreover, it is worth noting also that the members of an organization engaged in open clashes with the army.

The government could not look more relaxed on such acts because of the years 1981-1982 has been arrested more than 90 percent of the members of the organization together in their favorites. Many of them were executed. A lot of the Mujahideen were killed in the process of shooting and open clashes with troops and police. Massoud Rajavi fled the country in 1981. All remaining members of the group were in hiding in 1982 and soon also left the country.

Some time, the organization was on the French countryside, but later relocated to Iraq. Mujahideen became the patron saint of the local self Teran — Saddam Hussein, who had his sights set on them, and specifically wanted to use the MKO as a shock force in the war. The base on which the members of the group were well equipped military vehicles and helicopters. It is understood that "Organization Mujahideen of the Iranian people "took part in the offensive Iraqi army, which had the title" Eternal Light ". But Iran was able to adequately respond, and the main force Mujahideen were defeated. Many of them were in the bullpen Iran, and then got totally deserved punishment.

And it was not the end of the organization. In 1992, they conducted attacks on Iranian embassies in 13 countries.

Once on the ground of Iraq appeared South American troops, the U.S. government announced the disarmament of the Mujahideen, but in fact they were only denied the heavy military equipment and weapons. Moreover, the Americans skillfully used
the members of the group in order to prevent the penetration of Iranian influence in Iraq. It was only after the South American troops left Iraq countryside, the situation was compounded by the MEK here, as the new government has sought to maintain good relations with Iran and did not want to have to own borders well-organized and armed, but poorly managed groups.

In 2002, members of the organization began to bad times and in Europe — the MEK was enrolled in the list of terrorist organizations. Despite this, a number of Western politicians to support "Mojahedin-e Hulk." For example, his sympathies group evinces British Labour MP Robin Korett, a spokesman for the Conservatives and Liberal David Eymess David Elton, as human rights defenders Imran Khan and Jeffrey Beeman. Moreover, the leaders of the European Union in 2009, the company struck off from the "black" list.

What did for American officials, they also sympathize with the MEK. This is evident, namely, the episode with the transfer of money to support the organization by Patrick Kennedy. But he is far not the only one: Louis Freeh (former FBI Director) said that the United States brought the mujahideen in the list of terrorist organizations, only in order to achieve their political interests, and specifically the need to reach specific agreements with the government of Iran. In addition, interest groups and lobbying for such influential South American bureaucrats as Rudolph Giuliani (past actions of New York), Michael Mukasey (former U.S. Attorney General), John Bolton, who previously served as United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

In March 2012, a senior official from the administration of the South American president denied reports that the U.S. has even the smallest ratio of the terrorist attacks that have held Mojahedin Organization of Iran to the countryside, but at the same time it is clear that Americans continue to provide intelligence information MEK for its operations in Iran.

In addition, according to many professionals, attacks on the representatives of India and Israel in Thailand and Georgia have also been committed by members of the group, although they have tried to blame Iran. A definite confirmation of participation MEK can be considered as contact bombs, which are attached by a magnet to transport. Vtochnosti same method was used to murder nuclear scientists in Iran.

But all attempts to accuse Tehran of similar action look absurd if we take into account the fact that India and Thailand are the necessary trade partners and do not support America in its economic blockade of Iran. Exacerbate business with partners in such a situation just stupid.

But support for the "Mujahideen of the Iranian people" by Western governments clearly indicates the policy of double standards that these governments spend and cause a huge number of questions to which the answers are unlikely to be obtained.

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